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(edit) @1468   18 years kevin Suppress navigation bar. Normalize DarwinPorts name.
(edit) @1465   18 years kevin Added French homepage translation. Submitted by: Matt Anton …
(edit) @1464   18 years kevin Added variants description.
(edit) @1354   18 years landonf Add reference to dp-cocoa Submitted by: <fkr@…>
(edit) @1327   18 years michaelm made more explicit when to include contents in the portfile, patch by fkr
(edit) @1213   18 years michaelm fixed typo with fkr's patch
(edit) @1183   18 years kevin Link to michaelm's DarwinPorts User Guide.
(edit) @1163   18 years kevin Fixed portfile select statement.
(edit) @1026   18 years kevin Use new index features.
(edit) @1014   18 years kevin Show total count of portfiles.
(edit) @998   18 years kevin Added some bits about 'contents'
(edit) @963   18 years jkh portname -> name portversion -> version
(edit) @958   18 years kevin Editorial changes.
(edit) @948   18 years kevin Change make.* options to build.* since they pertain to the build …
(edit) @931   18 years kevin Print when index was last updated.
(edit) @928   18 years kevin Display categories.
(edit) @921   18 years kevin Fix view by all.
(edit) @920   18 years kevin Added PortIndex searching.
(edit) @917   18 years landonf It's make.type
(edit) @913   18 years kevin fixed the last xhtml bugs
(edit) @912   18 years kevin xhtml bug fixes correct output from port checksum explain -append …
(edit) @911   18 years landonf Capitalize "issues"
(edit) @910   18 years landonf Remove the 'single' 'quotes' :o)
(edit) @909   18 years landonf Update documentation
(edit) @907   18 years kevin Added Portfile HOWTO
(edit) @827   18 years landonf jkh changes
(edit) @818   18 years michaelm added port search, fixed some open tags
(edit) @817   18 years michaelm Added a known issues faq, Norton and the per 10.2 tcl compatibility issue
(edit) @803   18 years jkh Adjust grammar.
(edit) @797   18 years kevin Use updated odweb infrastructure.
(edit) @795   18 years jkh More information on project.
(edit) @792   18 years jkh Add another item discussing our choice of /opt/local
(edit) @788   18 years landonf Grammar nit been bugging me for ages
(edit) @785   18 years jkh Add a rudimentary faq
(edit) @696   18 years jkh Tag makes the proj/ unnecessary (and cumbersome)
(edit) @581   18 years bbraun Reflect the newer reality.
(add) @580   18 years bbraun Move the index.php file from the www directory into the darwinports …
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