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(edit) @1636   18 years matt 2 occurences changed
(edit) @1635   18 years matt 1 occurence changed
(edit) @1634   18 years matt 3 occurences changed
(edit) @1633   18 years landonf use CPPFLAGS instead of CFLAGS. Sigh.
(edit) @1632   18 years landonf Fix a particularly strange side effect that prevented dynamic library …
(edit) @1631   18 years matt First add of Ftpmap portfile
(edit) @1630   18 years landonf Remove incorrectly added 'p2' from version string. My mistake.
(edit) @1629   18 years landonf Add pdksh Submitted by: Ryan Wilcox <ryanwilcox@…>
(edit) @1628   18 years landonf Add long_description for rman Submitted by: Larry Sica <lomion@…>
(edit) @1627   18 years landonf Updated libsndfile Submitted by: Sean McGovern <sean@…>
(edit) @1626   18 years matt Added French translation for variants.php page
(edit) @1625   18 years matt Link now pointing to the correct french ports.php pages
(edit) @1624   18 years matt Translation of page's title
(edit) @1623   18 years eric Development version of ruby is now 1.8 - the development variant is …
(edit) @1622   18 years eric Add some options wrapped in variants and re-arrange the …
(edit) @1621   18 years fkr regen.
(edit) @1620   18 years fkr added homepage formated long_description
(edit) @1619   18 years matt Added a contents variable for the unstable variant
(edit) @1618   18 years matt Page reformatted…
(edit) @1617   18 years matt Changed the od_print_header and od_print_footer to -fr-
(edit) @1616   18 years matt Added French ports search page translation
(edit) @1615   18 years matt Added reference to DP-Cocoa
(edit) @1614   18 years landonf Missing jpeg plugin in contents
(edit) @1613   18 years matt Added French portfileHOWTO page translation
(edit) @1612   18 years matt * empty log message *
(edit) @1611   18 years matt This page has been completely removed due to a persistent bad charset …
(edit) @1610   18 years matt charset has been changed to iso-8859-1
(edit) @1609   18 years landonf Add missing, neccesary files
(edit) @1608   18 years landonf Fix prefix related issue
(edit) @1607   18 years landonf Pull contents out of registry, and do not set package destination to …
(edit) @1606   18 years jkh Update this port to conform to new naming standards.
(edit) @1605   18 years landonf Whoops. Clean up information
(edit) @1604   18 years landonf Add reference to dp-cocoa and screenshot
(edit) @1603   18 years landonf 'gui' links are created even if gui support is not enabled
(edit) @1602   18 years landonf Add qthello
(edit) @1601   18 years landonf prefix fixes
(edit) @1600   18 years landonf These are lib depends, not build depends
(edit) @1599   18 years landonf Update distribution site
(edit) @1598   18 years landonf Work properly with Darwin file_cmds
(edit) @1597   18 years kevin Don't create dangling links like does.
(edit) @1596   18 years kevin nasty hack
(edit) @1595   18 years kevin Add new mpkg target.
(edit) @1594   18 years eric Add and use x11prefix.
(edit) @1593   18 years landonf prefix fixes
(edit) @1592   18 years landonf ${prefix} related build fixes
(edit) @1591   18 years landonf Get glib building with prefix set to /usr/local and apple headers installed
(edit) @1590   18 years landonf Ensure that the prefix gets to the port API. This file needs a clean-up …
(edit) @1589   18 years landonf Create simple ui_puts function to provide for a usable debugging …
(edit) @1588   18 years landonf Fix missing space in category names
(edit) @1587   18 years jkh This port also depends on wish.
(edit) @1586   18 years landonf Remove .a files that are not installed from contents list
(edit) @1585   18 years landonf Fix destroot support for resources
(edit) @1584   18 years landonf Regenerate PortIndex
(edit) @1583   18 years landonf Support installing darwinports infrastructure into a destroot
(edit) @1582   18 years landonf Update description Update long_description Update version Update …
(edit) @1581   18 years landonf Clean up the RTF output a bit
(edit) @1580   18 years landonf Format with 4 character tabs Write out a useful Welcome.rtf file
(edit) @1579   18 years landonf Write out accurate size file
(edit) @1578   18 years jpm added: libglade, libxml, gnet, ocaml, lablgtk, mldonkey, aterm
(edit) @1577   18 years jpm initial import of gnome glade lib
(edit) @1576   18 years jpm think i had a cvs dir in the port dir - good one.
(edit) @1575   18 years jpm trying to fix a minor cvs mishap - will recheck these in shortly
(edit) @1574   18 years jpm the first revision of the gnome xml library
(edit) @1573   18 years jpm glib based simple networking library
(edit) @1572   18 years jpm ocaml/gtk(ish) p2p client
(edit) @1571   18 years jpm gtk+ bindings for objective caml. again a weird build prodecure: make …
(edit) @1570   18 years jpm added homepage :0x
(edit) @1569   18 years jpm implementation of the caml dialect of ml - what ever that means weird …
(edit) @1568   18 years jpm initial import of aterm
(edit) @1567   18 years mij Replace the language variants with a ui_msg telling users they need to …
(edit) @1566   18 years eric Update to the 2.60.1 distribution file.
(edit) @1565   18 years rooneg add homepages to the apr, subversion, and neon ports.
(edit) @1564   18 years jpm replaced freshmeat redirect with real url
(edit) @1563   18 years jpm regen with homepage var in audio category
(edit) @1562   18 years jpm added homepage var - super.
(edit) @1561   18 years landonf Add homepage key and long_description to dict port Regenerate PortIndex
(edit) @1560   18 years landonf Add support for homepage key Submitted by: jpm@…
(edit) @1559   18 years landonf Remove extra backslashes
(edit) @1558   18 years landonf Retire use of ui_puts, which is no longer an exposed UI procedure
(edit) @1557   18 years mij Update to patchlevel 271.
(edit) @1556   18 years jkh Remove trailing whitespace after backslash. Submitted by: Felix …
(edit) @1555   18 years jkh Fix line to actually work.
(edit) @1554   18 years jkh ln -s -> ln -fs to cope with double-install.
(edit) @1553   18 years jkh Change ln -s to ln -fs to cope with existing install.
(edit) @1552   18 years fkr regen.
(edit) @1551   18 years fkr more long_descriptions.
(edit) @1550   18 years jkh Add some more long_description entries.
(edit) @1549   18 years jkh Clean up checksum handling a little by making cosmetic changes to …
(edit) @1548   18 years jkh With the destroot hack, the "Installing foo into bar" message isn't so …
(edit) @1547   18 years fkr regen.
(edit) @1546   18 years fkr more long_descriptions. mostly coming from the freebsd ports repository.
(edit) @1545   18 years jpm regen portindex - minor changes…
(edit) @1544   18 years jpm broke the install procedure into two platform variants. this port is …
(edit) @1543   18 years jpm added a crew of mirrors. moved the main server to the bottom of the …
(edit) @1542   18 years jpm old pine source is only available as compressed tarballs rather than …
(edit) @1541   18 years mij Fetch directly from the author's site since sourceforge appears to be …
(edit) @1540   18 years mij Fix master_sites. Submitted by: jkh's port failure report
(edit) @1539   18 years jpm added a slew of sourceforge mirrors for eric.
(edit) @1538   18 years jpm added several items to the contents list - thanks to matt anton for …
(edit) @1537   18 years jpm added file mirrors (main site down) shortened description to fit in 24 …
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