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#37024 libreoffice not available on macport new danchr macports-tickets@… request Normal
#38834 samba4: Update to 4.6.0 assigned joshk.macports@…, cooljeanius, mmpestorich, anddam, j.b.p1@…, gallafent, danchr, sierkb, SickTeddyBear update Normal
#52742 buildbot: add support for building ports with variants assigned larryv, raimue, neverpanic, ryandesign, ctreleaven, danchr, yan12125, l2dy, dliessi neverpanic (Clemens Lang) enhancement Normal
#53161 tuntaposx: kernel extensions have to be signed new gallafent, l2dy, danchr defect Normal
#55384 fails saying You can’t open the application “” because PowerPC applications are no longer supported. new danchr defect Normal
#57217 emacs-app does not render assigned hnarayanan, svalgaard, cjones051073, dplr, rlhamil, RafalLukawiecki, d-lamb, iqgrande, danchr drkp (Dan Ports) defect Normal
#59582 py38-dateutil depends on nonexistent ports assigned danchr stromnov (Andrew Stromnov) defect Normal
#60438 ports that use rust no longer able to build universal with i386 new g5pw, herbygillot, dbevans, danchr, Raimondi, roederja defect Normal
#60511 move to quartz as default backend assigned ryandesign, michaelld, danchr, rseichter, ctreleaven, cooljeanius, chrstphrchvz dbevans (David B. Evans) enhancement Normal
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