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#29172 remove dependency on Xcode new mfeiri, internetzel, kaioless@…, cooljeanius, c.herbig@…, schwern@…, m@…, Per.Mildner@…, alexkowel@…, llamafilm, macports@…, mmpestorich, larryv, dliessi, isviridov, Dave-Allured macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#30622 port should output a message when vacuuming registry new dliessi macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#38082 pdftk encounters fatal malloc problem new maehne, dliessi, ericmoret ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) defect Normal
#46956 base should keep track of explicitly requested variants on install and only preserve those on upgrade accepted mojca, larryv, dliessi, ci42, cooljeanius neverpanic (Clemens Lang) enhancement Normal
#47687 python portgroup should not auto-create ${destroot}${prefix}/share/doc/${subport}/examples new petrrr, dliessi ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) enhancement Normal
#47690 remove ${prefix}/share/examples and install example in the "correct" location new ryandesign, dliessi, Ionic petrrr enhancement Normal
#50000 perl5: improve / reimplement packaging new dbevans, neverpanic, cfaerber@…, ci42, danielluke, drkp, Ionic, jul_bsd@…, kurthindenburg, larryv, mf2k, mojca, pixilla, raimue, ryan@…, ryandesign, RJVB, petrrr, dliessi macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#51516 MacPorts should use a bundled copy of a newer libcurl and SSL library rather than the OS X version new udbraumann, mkae, devernay, raimue, mojca, fhgwright, dliessi, pkoshevoy, bK4gYuRo, 1-61803, iEFdev, noloader, khepler, cooljeanius, MarcusCalhoun-Lopez macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#52161 mp-buildbot: incorrect error message when a port cannot be installed due to arch mismatch new neverpanic, larryv, dliessi macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#52430 osxfuse@3.5.0 build fails on Leopard new dgonyier, dliessi, svensen, khepler, calculatortips, linuxjunkie999 drkp (Dan Ports) defect Normal
#52436 osxfuse @3.5.0: incorrect assumption about build worker kernel arch new dliessi drkp (Dan Ports) defect Normal
#52742 buildbot: add support for building ports with variants assigned larryv, raimue, neverpanic, ryandesign, ctreleaven, danchr, yan12125, l2dy, dliessi neverpanic (Clemens Lang) enhancement Normal
#54781 osxfuse @3.6.3: use of undeclared identifiers 'VOL_CAP_FMT_NO_IMMUTABLE_FILES' 'VOL_CAP_FMT_NO_PERMISSIONS' reopened todmorrison, anatol, hapaguy, laughingtiger, dliessi, jpenney, Klaskviker, eplov, willbprog127, Blokkendoos, macportsraf drkp (Dan Ports) defect Normal
#54785 R-app 1.68.1 fails to build on 10.13 beta 9 (high sierra) with Xcode 9.0 beta 6 assigned Schamschula, adolfocorreia, Polyergic, razzfazz, todmorrison, fvaccari, dliessi kjellpk (Kjell Konis) defect Normal
#56898 osxfuse @3.8.0: destroot fails: osxfuse.fs/Contents/Resources/load_osxfuse": no such file or directory assigned dliessi drkp (Dan Ports) defect Normal
#58574 poppler upgrade fails if older poppler is installed reopened michaelld, ryandesign, MarcusCalhoun-Lopez, devernay, lucasaccarola, dliessi, dershow, koocsr, JDLH dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#58750 gnumeric @1.12.45_0+python27 build failure running itstool assigned dliessi dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#58771 build failure py36-numpy assigned majoc-at-astro, dliessi, GiovanniBussi michaelld (Michael Dickens) defect Normal
#58804 (gnutls@10.6.8) failed to build gnutls - command execution failed assigned dliessi Schamschula (Marius Schamschula) defect Normal
#60526 poppler-qt5 @0.88.0: install fails on extraction step assigned dliessi dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#60869 texlive-bin: building under --with-no-root-privileges fails attepting to create dir /Library/TeX accepted dliessi, mojca drkp (Dan Ports) defect Normal
#52210 libsdl2: make it build on 10.6 (against 10.6 SDK) new ryandesign, mojca, jeremyhu, dliessi, udbraumann, Raptor007 jmroot (Joshua Root) defect Low
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