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#43431 Ports with mysql4 or mysql5 variants and/or dependencies should switch to using mysql57+ or mariadb. new alfredh, blair, brian@…, c_dantonio@…, compconsultant@…, davidnich, dbevans, danielluke, dweber@…, g.lorenz@…, jberry@…, jeff@…, jyrkiwahlstedt, kayos@…, landonf, mbclark@…, michaelld, mtalexander, mww@…, NicosPavlov, roberto@…, rwilcox, ryandesign, ctreleaven, cooljeanius, mkae, patrick.sizun@…, mojca, Veence, macports@…, BjarneDMat, mf2k, chrstphrchvz, iefdev macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#51516 MacPorts should use a bundled copy of a newer libcurl and SSL library rather than the OS X version new udbraumann, mkae, devernay, raimue, mojca, fhgwright, dliessi, pkoshevoy, bK4gYuRo, 1-61803, iEFdev, noloader, khepler, cooljeanius, MarcusCalhoun-Lopez macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#52614 npm3 update / install fails new iEFdev, jonasjonas, dark.panda+macports@… ci42 defect Normal
#55345 yelp @3.36.0 build failure: libyelp/yelp-help-list.c: 'gio/gdesktopappinfo.h' file not found accepted jjstickel, iefdev dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#56137 ghostscript @9.23 builds incorrectly when updating new Schamschula, iEFdev, MarcusCalhoun-Lopez, dershow, ryandesign defect Normal
#56291 port suggestion: apfs-fuse new iEFdev request Normal
#57198 libgcc8: build fails when libunwind-headers is installed new MarcusCalhoun-Lopez, Dave-Allured, maverickwoo, thynus, hapaguy, iEFdev, Jahrme, 3add3287, cooljeanius defect Normal
#58935 go @1.13: build fails on 10.9 and less reopened Ionic, kencu, iEFdev, cjones051073 ci42 defect Normal
#59258 source-highlight @3.1.8: fails to make docs: wrong specificationhtml = html.outlang new iEFdev, Schamschula, dershow, rmottola, RobK88 defect Normal
#60477 stack @2.3.1_0: Undefined symbols: _utimensat assigned macdeport, someuser12, kencu, iEFdev essandess (Steve Smith) defect Normal
#60553 github portgroup livecheck values interfere with one another when github.setup is called twice assigned iEFdev ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) defect Normal
#60571 pandoc: ghc: could not execute: ccache /usr/bin/clang new essandess, iEFdev defect Normal
#61113 py27-gobject +quartz build failure: implicit declaration of function 'g_desktop_app_info_set_desktop_env' new ryandesign, MaurizioLoreti, iefdev defect Normal
#61146 gobject-introspection does not build assigned iefdev, snarkhunter dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
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