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#47827 python34 @3.4.3_2 ANSI escape code are disabled on input() with readline module assigned ned-deily jmroot (Joshua Root) defect Normal
#50672 Idle that comes with python2.7.11 does not start properly, raising many messages such as "Warning: - IdleConf.GetOption ..." for variables 'name2' and 'enable' from different sections. new ned-deily macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#51736 python35 @3.5.2_0 fails to build with macosx_deployment_target 10.7 assigned larryv, ned-deily, markuskimius jmroot (Joshua Root) defect Normal
#52448 python35 @3.5.2 missing ensurepip? assigned ned-deily jmroot (Joshua Root) defect Normal
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