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#51504 codesigning portgroup new mkae, yan12125 macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#52742 buildbot: add support for building ports with variants assigned larryv, raimue, neverpanic, ryandesign, ctreleaven, danchr, yan12125, l2dy, dliessi neverpanic (Clemens Lang) enhancement Normal
#53886 submission: port:qt5-kde new mkae, mojca, MarcusCalhoun-Lopez, pixilla, yan12125, jjstickel submission Normal
#56052 Document portmgr timeout new neverpanic, yan12125 raimue (Rainer Müller) enhancement Normal
#56120 pkg-config fails to find python3 new raimue, yan12125 defect Normal
#57137 xcode portgroup should set -derivedDataPath on Xcode versions that need it new l2dy, yan12125, ddrum2000, mndavidoff, Schamschula, eborisch, raimue, mtn88, inyeollee, wahspilihp, markemer, szhorvat, AlD, jeremyhu, ShadSterling, TheLastLovemark, alexeyt820, majoc-at-astro, telotortium, cooljeanius enhancement Normal
#57234 Some ports are failing to build due to new build system in Xcode 10 new michaellass, radarhere, rlhamil, inyeollee, justr1, kpreid, jeremyhu, yan12125, cooljeanius defect Normal
#57746 coreutils date: localized output keeps C locale order new yan12125 defect Normal
#58218 port:qt4, port:qt59 : OpenSSL 1.1 compatibility new michaelld, MarcusCalhoun-Lopez, yan12125 enhancement Normal
#58663 Unsigned files will not run at all in future versions of macOS new yan12125 enhancement Normal
#58964 bahamut @2.0.7: error: incomplete definition of type 'struct dh_st' assigned yan12125 ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) defect Normal
#58969 boxbackup: error: field has incomplete type 'EVP_CIPHER_CTX' (aka 'evp_cipher_ctx_st') assigned yan12125 ecronin (Eric Cronin) defect Normal
#59050 dovecot @1.2.7: error building, openssl issue assigned yan12125 jdberry defect Normal
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