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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#24180 postgres: Incorrect home directory created reopened defect Normal ports
#31000 postgresql90: pg_config contains -arch flags assigned defect Normal ports
#33145 postgresql90,postgresql91 improvement to Unicode support assigned enhancement Normal ports
#36128 postgresql_select @0.1 does not configure pg_upgrade when selecting postgresql92 assigned defect Normal ports
#36511 postgresq??: rename python variant to python27 assigned enhancement Normal ports
#36735 Macports pythons 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 do file-globbing as if a UNIX shell instead of tabbing new defect Normal ports
#37929 postgresql92 @9.2.2 hstore support assigned enhancement Normal ports
#39561 postgresql93-server @9.3beta2: Unable to start server new defect Normal ports
#40501 postgresql90, postgresql91, postgresql92, postgresql93: Add btree_gist contrib module assigned enhancement Normal ports
#42191 python*: IDLE requires py*-tkinter new defect Normal ports
#43944 postgresql91-server @9.1.13_0 changes groups of all users assigned defect Normal ports
#45247 python2{6,7} memory leak due to db46 new defect Normal ports
#45557 wxWidgets-3.0 build error reopened defect Normal ports
#49376 py35-tkinter @3.5.0_2: Python 3.5 idle using X-windows graphic, not using OS X native graphics new defect Normal ports
#50578 python34 + GCC + El Capitain new defect Normal ports
#50821 python24, python25, python26, python27, python31, python32, python33, python34, python35: Fix building for strange architecture combinations new defect Normal ports
#54693 Postgres96 history saved with wrong version assigned enhancement Normal ports
#58630 postgresql*: prepare for OpenSSL 1.1 migration assigned defect Normal ports
#60154 postgresql12 @12.2: reinplace warning occurs assigned defect Normal ports
#29596 PostgreSQL 8.4 post-install intructions doesn't work with umask 027 assigned defect Low ports
#34626 postgresql91-server @9.1.3_0 - umask errors in post-install advice assigned defect Low ports
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