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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#15712 Add versions to platforms assigned enhancement Normal MacPorts 2.7.0 base
#18140 squeak @3.9: version 4.3 available assigned update Normal ports
#19397 py-scipy: not completely universal assigned defect Normal ports
#28291 mzscheme: PLT Scheme upgrade and name change to Racket assigned update Normal ports
#29752 *_select: add man pages new enhancement Normal ports
#36667 HandBrakeCLI @0.10.0_0: cannot link to libiconv assigned defect Normal ports
#36950 Local Port Repo Instructions Should Address Permissions Issue assigned defect Normal guide
#37583 base: Update m4/tcl.m4 to check for tcl8.6 reopened enhancement Normal base
#37616 New port request: Sherpa assigned request Normal ports
#38151 Submission: rzip64 - a large-file compression program assigned submission Normal ports
#38219 squirrel @3.0.4: add +universal variant new enhancement Normal ports
#38907 Resolving libjpeg-turbo + jpeg Port conflicts assigned enhancement Normal ports
#39197 New port: RStudio assigned submission Normal ports
#40478 gcc-4.8 (and likely earlier) build incorrectly +universal new defect Normal ports
#41366 gcc48: asan (address sanitizer) is broken assigned defect Normal ports
#41972 latex2man @1.23: imprecise dependency on texlive assigned defect Normal ports
#41973 Add "enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128" variant to openssl? new enhancement Normal ports
#42702 libtool drops dylibs at link time assigned defect Normal ports
#43662 indent: gnuindent -kr crashes accepted defect Normal ports
#44667 gcc49 @4.9.3: build fails on Leopard new defect Normal ports
#45681 libgcc @4.9.2: build fails with 10 parallel jobs assigned defect Normal ports
#45811 gcc49: thread sanitizer is broken assigned defect Normal ports
#45885 lang/bcpl ? assigned request Normal ports
#46216 gcc49: add patch 0049-Enable-SPE-AltiVec-generation assigned defect Normal ports
#46331 libtool contains references to ccache when it was built with ccache assigned defect Normal ports
#46431 llvm does not have manpage assigned defect Normal ports
#46461 p5.16-macosx-file @0.710.0_4: tests fail new defect Normal ports
#46568 `port select --set <group>` does not symlink the correct Python utilities assigned defect Normal ports
#46909 py-doit @0.27.0 assigned submission Normal ports
#47579 cmake portgroup: an option to specify non-default location of CMakeLists.txt new enhancement Normal ports
#47642 HandBrakeCLI: fatal error: 'libavutil/samplefmt.h' file not found new defect Normal ports
#48620 HandBrakeCLI @0.10.0: error: unexpected token in argument list new defect Normal ports
#49129 HandBrakeCLI @0.10.0: error: invalid xcconfig: osx1011.x86_64 new defect Normal ports
#49219 HandBrakeCLI @0.10.0: m4: error: unable to find utility "m4", not a developer tool or in PATH new defect Normal ports
#51815 librsvg @2.40.16 does not build on PPC Mac OS X 10.5.8, Leopard, because of "./libtool: eval: line 1085: syntax error near unexpected token `|' " reopened defect Normal ports
#52092 mp-buildbot: use tools curl instead of macOS curl assigned enhancement Normal contrib
#52763 Git: pre-commit-hook should check whether mentioned PR IDs do exist new enhancement Normal server/hosting
#52810 Enhance buildbot email to include links to failing builds instead of just all builds new enhancement Normal buildbot/mpbb
#53155 HandBrake @0.10.0: update to 1.2.2 assigned update Normal ports
#55652 Cannot destroot libtool 2.4.6_4 assigned defect Normal ports
#57203 pcreposix segfault in regfree with trivial program assigned defect Normal ports
#57291 tmux-pasteboard: update to 2.7 assigned update Normal ports
#58209 isl-devel @0.15-20150513: Please update or delete assigned defect Normal ports
#58612 mpvim @109868: moved to GitHub assigned update Normal ports
#59924 openssl won't install when used in trace mode assigned defect Normal ports
#60018 libjpeg-turbo @2.0.3+universal: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 assigned defect Normal ports
#40035 base aborts if current directory does not exist, even when given a port name new defect Low base
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