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#31971 amarok @2.4.3: BUG IN CLIENT OF LIBDISPATCH: Do not close random Unix descriptors new amarok macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#33099 amarok: dyld: Symbol not found: __ZN6Amarok20qt_mac_set_dock_menuEP5QMenu new amarok macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#33292 Amarok @2.4.3 will not build! new amarok macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#36581 Patched portfile that allows amarok 2.4.3 to build and install assigned amarok enhancement Normal
#36818 Amarok cannot play any audio files / phonon backend missing new amarok phonon macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#38352 amarok @2.6.0 Build fails (testamazonalbum) new amarok macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#41267 amarok: Undefined symbols Playlists::M3UPlaylist::M3UPlaylist(KUrl const&) new amarok macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#43431 Ports with mysql4 or mysql5 variants and/or dependencies should switch to using mysql57+ or mariadb. new amarok-devel apr-util bugzilla dovecot dovecot2 drupal5 drupal6 dspam exim flow-tools freeradius gdal grass hydra libdbi-drivers libgda libgda4 libgda5 lighttpd lighttpd-devel mediatomb mnogosearch mysql-connector-odbc mysql5 mysql55-connector-cpp mysql55-lib_mysqludf_json mysqlxx nagios-plugins neko ocaml-mysql p5-dbd-mysql pennmush php php4 php5-mysql php52 proftpd pure-ftpd py-oursql qore-mysql-module qt3-mac qt4-mac-mysql55-plugin radlib rb-mysql rb19-mysql redland restund snort soci sphinx vpopmail vtk-devel wikkawiki zabbix zabbix2 macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#58810 amarok @2.6.0_4: build fails - linking failed with lots of undefined symbols such as Collections::Collection::updated() new amarok defect Normal
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