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#19405 git: move docs to new port new git git-htmldocs ci42 enhancement Normal
#29752 *_select: add man pages new autopep8_select bpython_select buildout_select celery_select clang_select csvkit_select curlish_select cython_select db_select django-htmlmin_select fabric_select flake8_select gcc_select geant4_select git-sweep_select hieroglyph_select honcho_select ioflo_select ipdb_select ipython_select kerfi-vangasvipur_select llvm_select maven_select memprof_select mpi_select mysql_select nosetests_select pear-HTML_Select pep8_select perl_select php_select pip_select postgresql_select py-cairosvg_select py-html2text_select py-pss_select py-sympy_select pyflakes_select pylint_select qt4_select root_select ruby_select scala_select sphinx_select tox_select trepan2_select wxWidgets_select larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) enhancement Normal
#39424 Ports that use qmake: consider using the new qmake portgroup new arora clustalx GLC_lib goldendict k3dsurf kdiff3 OpenCSG openscad psi-otr qgit QMK-Groundstation qt-assistant qt4-creator-mac qtc-qtsharp qtpfsgui qtscriptgenerator qtsharp QupZilla qwt qxmpp sqlitedbrowser tea tiled macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#40398 Add emacs_app variant to magit new magit macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#42957 Replace GitX port with GitX-dev new GitX macports-tickets@… update Normal
#43937 GitX fails to build due to compiler option with Xcode 5.1.1 new GitX neverpanic (Clemens Lang) defect Normal
#45355 git @2.1.2_0 +bash_completion+credential_osxkeychain+doc+pcre+perl5_12+python27+svn instaweb with Apache 2 new git ci42 enhancement Normal
#45502 git: Create -perl variant for a Perl-free install new git ci42 enhancement Normal
#45765 magit: staging into destroot failure: wrong type argument listp new magit macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#49039 go @1.4.2: fails to build with tracemode new go docker docker-machine git-lfs go-tools godep mongo-tools peco macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#50951 git @2.7.4 +info Add variant to install info formatted documentation new git ci42 enhancement Normal
#51083 update: port:qgit assigned qgit update Normal
#51328 Provide git-svn as a standalone (sub)port new git ci42 enhancement Normal
#51436 git @2.8.2: failed tests from new git ci42 defect Normal
#52249 Port request: gitfs new gitfs macports-tickets@… request Normal
#54154 Gna! is shutting down new Etoile Etoile-devel HighlighterKit KeyArcher ProjectManager WizardKit agave allegro5 auto-multiple-choice cal3d nfoview plconv poker-eval py-minfx relax stgit defect Normal
#55091 magit @1.2.2: update to 2.90.1 assigned magit update Normal
#57857 p5-git-raw: broken on < 10.8 (error: use of undeclared identifier 'kSSLClientSide') new p5-git-raw defect Normal
#58355 git-cola 3.1: Several sphinx modeule dependencies are missing. assigned git-cola raimue (Rainer Müller) defect Normal
#58647 github portgroup: possible worksrcdir mismatch for ports with `github.tarball_from archive` new github defect Normal
#58862 git @2.23.0: make Python optional assigned git ci42 enhancement Normal
#59220 git @ 2.23.0_1 +credential_osxkeychain "unexpected token: !tapi-tbd-v3" - build failure assigned git ci42 defect Normal
#59417 git @2.23.0_1: fatal error: 'Security/Security.h' file not found assigned git ci42 defect Normal
#60246 git 2.25.1_0 +credential_osxkeychain +diff_highlight +doc +pcre +perl5_28]: fails to install, 'unistd.h' file not found assigned git ci42 defect Normal
#60553 github portgroup livecheck values interfere with one another when github.setup is called twice assigned github ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) defect Normal
#60635 git-delta: Undefined symbols OnigDefaultSyntax assigned git-delta herbygillot (Herby Gillot) defect Normal
#60769 svn2git @1.0.18: error: Qt requires a C++11 compiler and yours does not seem to be that. reopened svn2git ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) defect Normal
#61053 py27-pygit2 needs compatible of libgit2 after libgit2 update today new py-pygit2 defect Normal
#61192 Lots of golang ports are downloading dependencies at build time new annie aws-vault certigo chezmoi cloudmonkey copilot croc elvish evans fzf gitqlite glow go-migrate golangci-lint gore gotop grpcurl hugo ipfs istioctl jenkins-cli k9s krew kubergrunt kustomize micro mole newreleases pulumi rclone scw staticcheck syncthing tektoncd-cli terragrunt trivy uni up webify wtfutil yq nebula qri defect Normal
#61371 git @2.29.0 doesn't use configure.sdkroot when building reopened git ci42 defect Normal
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