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#60198 jtidy: update to 1.0.2 new jtidy update Normal
#60206 Migrate kaffe dependents to Java portgroup new kaffe beanshell castor cglib checkstyle cobertura commons-cli commons-codec commons-io commons-lang commons-pool daisydiff derby derby-server dom4j fantom google-guava itext jakarta-log4j java_memcached jdom jfreechart jgoodies-common jgoodies-forms jgoodies-looks jmock1 jmock2 jna jtidy libsvm log4jdbc mars msv mysql-connector-java nds2-client-java objenesis pdfbox plovr postgresql7 proguard pulse relames rhino saxon saxpath sbt-0.7 scala-migrations servlet23-api servlet24-api slf4j sphinx4 spring-framework25 spring-framework30 spring-framework31 spring-javaconfig spymemcached unicodeconverter-java xalanj xercesj xml-commons-resolver xmlenc xmlpull xom zanata-cli defect Normal
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