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#26151 installed docbook ports are not always correctly reflected in xml catalog assigned docbook-xml docbook-xsl xmlcatmgr xmlto lockhart (Thomas Lockhart) defect Normal
#40022 mlton @20130715 new Portfile new mlton macports-tickets@… submission Normal
#53930 retired new gtk-nodoka-engine imapsync logrotate py-suds repoview xmlto defect Normal
#58653 Some portfiles fail to parse under linux new botan chicken fpc gnuradio macos-vpn-server mlt octave psi py-eric-ide qt4-mac texworks wireshark22 defect Normal
#61149 wkhtmltopdf: update to 0.12.6 assigned wkhtmltopdf neverpanic (Clemens Lang) update Normal
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