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#44271 npm 1.4.20 fails with ENOENT, open '`pwd`/null' new npm ci42 defect Normal
#48127 npm 2.11.2 fails user prefix build new npm macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#51781 npm3 symlinks to man pages are broken new npm3 ci42 defect Normal
#52614 npm3 update / install fails new npm3 ci42 defect Normal
#58798 npm6 6.10.2_0 fails to build (as non root) new npm6 defect Normal
#59531 nodejuice, npm3, npm4: depend on nodejs6 which is replaced by another port assigned nodejuice, npm3, npm4 ci42 defect Normal
#61214 npm6: nodejs dep on older systems assigned npm6, nodejs14 ci42 defect Normal
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