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#48967 submission: port:qt5-kde assigned qt5-kde submission Normal
#49793 qt4/5: set default QThread thread stack size to a reasonable value new qt4-mac qt5-mac macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#50966 Qt5 PortGroup files; preparing for port:qt5-kde and the KF5 port family assigned qt5, qt5-kde update Normal
#50968 playground : qt5-kde-devel @ Qt 5.6.1 assigned qt5-kde-devel update Normal
#53230 preparing port:qt5-kde step 2 : the qt5 PortGroup(s) new qt5-kde request Normal
#53369 Qt5 : load OpenSSL dynamically using MacPorts' port:openssl new qt5 qt4-mac enhancement Normal
#53777 Qt5 PortGroup : wrong use of qt5.using_kde and +qt5kde new qt5 defect Normal
#53778 Qt5/qt5-kde PortGroup new qt5 submission Normal
#53886 submission: port:qt5-kde new qt5-kde submission Normal
#54357 Qt5 : 5.9, 5.8 and Mac OS X 10.9 new qt5* update Normal
#55313 new port: qt5-assistant new qt5-assistant submission Normal
#55318 new port: qt5-webkit new qt5-webkit submission Normal
#58218 port:qt4, port:qt59 : OpenSSL 1.1 compatibility new qt59 enhancement Normal
#58378 Qt5 CMake component fails under Xcode-10.2 assigned qt5-qtbase MarcusCalhoun-Lopez (Marcus Calhoun-Lopez) defect Normal
#58421 unable to install poppler-qt5 (as dependency to texstudio) assigned poppler-qt5 dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#58760 py37-pyqt5: Failed to determine the detail of your Qt installation assigned py-pyqt5 defect Normal
#59601 qt5-qt3d @ 5.12.5 configure fails ERROR: Feature 'system-assimp' was enabled, but the pre-condition 'features.assimp && libs.assimp' failed assigned qt5-qt3d MarcusCalhoun-Lopez (Marcus Calhoun-Lopez) defect Normal
#60514 qt5-mysql-plugin: add variant for mariadb 10.2 assigned qt5-mysql-plugin MarcusCalhoun-Lopez (Marcus Calhoun-Lopez) enhancement Normal
#60526 poppler-qt5 @0.88.0: install fails on extraction step assigned poppler-qt5 dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#60559 py-pyqt5 binaries are not distributable new py-pyqt5 enhancement Normal
#60716 py-qscintilla-qt5 @2.11.2_0: error: no matching constructor for initialization of '::QsciAPIs []' assigned py-qscintilla-qt5 michaelld (Michael Dickens) defect Normal
#60741 Unable to install py38-qscintilla-qt5, py38-pyqt5-chart, py38-pyqt5-webengine from scratch (fresh installation) new py38-pyqt5 py38-qscintilla-qt5 py38-pyqt5-chart py38-pyqt5-webengine py38-sip defect Normal
#60823 poppler-qt5 @0.90.0_0: installs fine on 10.6.8 with qt5.3.2 assigned poppler-qt5 dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#60889 qt59-qtconnectivity 5.9.9: Fails to build (casting pointers to bool in Bluetooth code) assigned qt59-qtconnectivity MarcusCalhoun-Lopez (Marcus Calhoun-Lopez) defect Normal
#60944 qt5: Support arm64 assigned qt5 MarcusCalhoun-Lopez (Marcus Calhoun-Lopez) enhancement Normal
#60975 qt5-qtwebkit: fatal error: 'CSSGrammar.hpp' file not found assigned qt511-qtwebkit MarcusCalhoun-Lopez (Marcus Calhoun-Lopez) defect Normal
#61006 py-pyqt5: requires Qt 5.11? new py-pyqt5 defect Normal
#61031 qt5*-qtlocation: build errors due to <experimental/optional> removal assigned qt59-qtlocation qt511-qtlocation MarcusCalhoun-Lopez (Marcus Calhoun-Lopez) defect Normal
#61103 qt5-qtbase @5.14.2_1:error:cannot be run on this version of macOS. Qt requires macOS 11.0.0 or later, you have macOS 10.16.0. assigned qt5-qtbase MarcusCalhoun-Lopez (Marcus Calhoun-Lopez) defect Normal
#46816 for the more sensitive among you .. new qt5 macports-tickets@… enhancement Not set
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