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#53522 Removed php5-* ports still have dependents new defect Normal
#56061 Add a lint job new admin@… enhancement Normal
#56180 use subdir for trace mode socket new enhancement Normal
#56523 modglue @1.19 fails to build against libsigcxx2 @2.10.0 new defect Normal
#56549 selfupdate loses error message returned by mportsync new defect Normal
#57075 port diagnose: check directory permissions new enhancement Normal
#57076 port diagnose: warn about incompatible archs new enhancement Normal
#59054 gq @1.2.3 fails to build assigned defect Normal
#59379 nMOLDYN depends on removed port py27-MMTK new defect Normal
#60015 qore-freetds-module fails to fetch assigned davidnich (David Nichols) defect Normal
#60063 xdm @1.1.12 fails to build on <= 10.8 assigned jeremyhu (Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia) defect Normal
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