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#34931 Add "new" to port command new macports-tickets@… enhancement Normal
#36269 py27-httplib2 fails to upgrade assigned lpsinger (Leo Singer) defect Normal
#37203 xcircuit crashes when using tk +aqua reopened macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#39339 R-app @1.61: build failure on 10.6.8 new kjellpk (Kjell Konis) defect Normal
#39606 qt4-creator-mac: error: IOKit/IOKitLib.h: No such file or directory assigned michaelld (Michael Dickens) defect Normal
#39780 py3{2,3}-shiboken: build failure, members of libapiextractor.a have no symbols new mamoll (Mark Moll) defect Normal
#40009 libproj4 @3_20081120_3+universal: arch mismatch with libgsl during build new tenomoto (Takeshi Enomoto) defect Normal
#40019 pspp 0.8.0 can't find cblas_dsdot () in optimized libgslblas reopened daitakahashi defect Normal
#40145 Some of gnome-chemistry-utils crash on startup new macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#42163 libdynd @0.6.0: Install fails when previous version is active new stromnov (Andrew Stromnov) defect Normal
#42888 Upgrade of netcdf-fortran fails staging into destroot new tenomoto (Takeshi Enomoto) defect Normal
#45539 nds2-client fails install new emaros defect Normal
#47131 gnudatalanguage +python27 +openmp install fails with cmake issue. new tenomoto (Takeshi Enomoto) defect Normal
#48270 esmf @6_3_0rp1: error: cannot allocate an object of abstract type 'xercesc_2_8::XMLGrammarPoolImpl' new tenomoto (Takeshi Enomoto) defect Normal
#49150 py34-shiboken fail install or upgrade new mamoll (Mark Moll) defect Normal
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