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#53909 port diagnose fails in xcode-select new defect Normal
#54388 port -q should suppress warnings new defect Normal
#54692 advancemame: Update to version 3.5 new defect Normal
#55639 QtCore unusable with Apple LLVM version 9.0.0 assigned easieste@… defect Normal
#55940 Don't import suffix into global namespace new enhancement Normal
#56016 make test uses the installed version of MacPorts, not the just-built one new defect Normal
#56201 make dist requires DISTVER to be specified new enhancement Normal
#56204 Remove prefix string from darwintrace.dylib and Pextlib.dylib new enhancement Normal
#56252 macosx_version should contain the full macOS version new enhancement Normal MacPorts Future
#56345 Make it easier to determine which ports have lint problems new enhancement Normal
#56365 Create test to verify correct functioning of ptys in system call new enhancement Normal
#56435 selfupdate should use parallel build new enhancement Normal
#56457 use_dmg: /usr/bin/cpio: illegal option -- 0 new defect Normal
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