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#58729 legacy-support missing futimens() (and utimensat) assigned enhancement Normal ports
#58898 libcxx bootstrapping needs a method to upgrade to the +emulatedtls variant on 10.6 and less assigned defect Normal ports
#59135 legacy-support: functions properly only if os.version = deployment target assigned defect Normal ports
#59342 llvm-config uses incorrect SDK taken from xcode rather than command-line tools assigned defect Normal ports
#60348 libcxx: enable it to build on Leopard PPC assigned enhancement Normal ports
#60369 ld64: 530 available assigned update Normal ports
#60656 lcms2 +universal: build error reopened defect Normal ports
#60781 llvm-3.4: SyntaxError: invalid syntax assigned defect Normal ports
#61070 libtapi update to 1100.0.11 assigned update Normal ports
#61172 llvm-3.3: needs a newer python to build on older systems assigned defect Normal ports
#61236 $xcodeversion does not calculate the proper version when Xcode is installed in a non-default path. reopened defect Normal base
#61336 llvm-3.4 @3.4.2_13 does not build +universal: because dep libffi not installed +universal assigned defect Normal ports
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