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#39248 rb ports need revbump ruby assigned kimuraw@… defect High
#23793 rb-bioruby depends on nonexistent ports rb-dbd-mysql and rb-dbd-pg rb-bioruby, rb-dbd-mysql, rb-dbd-pg new macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#29752 *_select: add man pages autopep8_select bpython_select buildout_select celery_select clang_select csvkit_select curlish_select cython_select db_select django-htmlmin_select fabric_select flake8_select gcc_select geant4_select git-sweep_select hieroglyph_select honcho_select ioflo_select ipdb_select ipython_select kerfi-vangasvipur_select llvm_select maven_select memprof_select mpi_select mysql_select nosetests_select pear-HTML_Select pep8_select perl_select php_select pip_select postgresql_select py-cairosvg_select py-html2text_select py-pss_select py-sympy_select pyflakes_select pylint_select qt4_select root_select ruby_select scala_select sphinx_select tox_select trepan2_select wxWidgets_select new larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) enhancement Normal
#33019 rb-rubygems out of date rb-rubygems new macports-tickets@… update Normal
#41740 Update ruby-build to version 20131206 ruby-build new macports-tickets@… update Normal
#43830 rb-rubygems rb-rubygems new macports-tickets@… defect Normal
#46675 rb-fxruby: install.rb:551:in `mkdir': Operation not permitted - /opt/local/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.8/fox16 rb-fxruby new lyle@… defect Normal
#49862 Jruby build fails due to "Interface incompatibility in BiVariableMap on Java 8" jruby new ciserlohn@… defect Normal
#50227 port select --set ruby ruby23 fails on rake symlink creation ruby23 new kimuraw@… defect Normal
#51386 Remove JRuby dependency on Kaffe jruby new ciserlohn@… enhancement Normal
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