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#54050 ImageMagick: variant to enable or disable multiprocessing with openmp reopened ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) enhancement Normal
#56898 osxfuse @3.8.0: destroot fails: osxfuse.fs/Contents/Resources/load_osxfuse": no such file or directory assigned defect Normal
#57009 ImageMagick @6.9.9-40_1: has broken libomp detection logic, and when built with a macports-clang compiler inserts -lgomp into pkgconfig files, which breaks builds as -lgomp can't be found assigned ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) defect Normal
#57071 texlive-bin does not build on 10.5 Leopard Intel with gcc6 assigned drkp (Dan Ports) defect Normal
#57686 libetpan @1.9.1: error: duplicate case value 'CURLE_PEER_FAILED_VERIFICATION' assigned pmetzger (Perry E. Metzger) defect Normal
#58219 mozjs52 - builds against libc++ even if configure.cxx_stdlib is not libc++ new defect Normal
#58406 qwt60 @6.0.2_1: qt5 build fails with qwt_clipper.cpp:232:9: error: use of undeclared identifier 'qMemCopy' assigned michaelld (Michael Dickens) defect Normal
#58780 gunits @2.18.1: uses random python new defect Normal
#58781 gunits @2.18.1: requires module python_requests to match python used new defect Normal
#58782 gunits @2.18.1: installs files to non-standard /opt/local/com preventing function of `gunits_cur` new defect Normal
#58898 libcxx bootstrapping needs a method to upgrade to the +emulatedtls variant on 10.6 and less assigned kencu (Ken) defect Normal
#58935 go @1.13: build fails on 10.9 and less reopened ci42 defect Normal
#59005 libsdl2 @2.0.10: trackpad working erratically as pointing device on 10.6.8 assigned jmroot (Joshua Root) defect Normal
#59135 legacy-support: functions properly only if os.version = deployment target assigned kencu (Ken) defect Normal
#59512 orc @0.4.30_1: ../orc-0.4.30/orc/orccpu-x86.c:91:7: error: instruction requires: Not 64-bit mode new defect Normal
#59658 babl @ 0.1.74_1: fails to configure on systems that raise linker warnings: ERROR: Problem encountered: Linker doesn't support --version-script or -exported_symbols_list assigned dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#59659 babl @ 0.1.72: Build fails on PPC: ERROR: Problem encountered: You should use Clang/Clang++ on OSX. assigned dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#59675 babl @ 0.1.72: error: instruction requires: Not 64-bit mode assigned dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#59726 strigi @0.7.8: build fails on 10.6.8: error: no matching function for call to 'make_pair' new defect Normal
#59749 abiword-x11 @3.0.2_2: error: use of undeclared identifier 'icaltime_from_timet' new defect Normal
#59751 gnome-control-center @3.26.2_2: error: incomplete definition of type 'struct _ipp_s' assigned dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#59783 groff @1.22.4: build fails due to math.h name collision new defect Normal
#59798 base should always set ${configure.sdkroot} and $env(SDKROOT) to some value, even, in the end "/". reopened enhancement Normal
#59992 ncurses@6.1 : /opt/local/include/unctrl.h:60:63: error: unknown type name 'SCREEN' assigned jmroot (Joshua Root) defect Normal
#60158 openjade @1.3.2_11: build fails with clang-9.0 assigned lockhart (Thomas Lockhart) defect Normal
#60169 meson will not build projects +universal if llvm-ar is found in the PATH assigned SoapZA defect Normal
#60369 ld64: 530 available assigned kencu (Ken) update Normal
#60371 legacy-support: needs utimensat reopened kencu (Ken) enhancement Normal
#60414 base: (linux) failed to determine number of available CPUs assigned defect Normal
#60431 base: (linux) fails to determine build arch correctly new defect Normal
#60432 base: (linux) arch flags are not recognized by linux compilers new defect Normal
#60433 base: (linux) cxx_stdlib is not derived by base new defect Normal
#60644 gobject_introspection portgroup: support meson new enhancement Normal
#60645 app PortGroup specifies using bash, but Catalina no longer uses bash new defect Normal
#60721 gstreamer1 @1.16.2 controller-enumtypes.c:6:1: error: stray \ in program (due to make >= 4.3) assigned dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#60740 perl5.28: configures with -L/opt/local/lib but strips that out during the build reopened mojca (Mojca Miklavec) defect Normal
#60751 gnome-control-center @3.26.2_2: cc-background-item.c:223:36: error: too many arguments to function call, expected 2, have 4 assigned dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#60753 gnome-session @3.26.1_2: main.c:278:1: error: static declaration of 'rpmatch' follows non-static declaration assigned dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#60823 poppler-qt5 @0.90.0_0: installs fine on 10.6.8 with qt5.3.2 assigned dbevans (David B. Evans) defect Normal
#61027 lpairs2: error: unknown type name 'uint'; did you mean 'int'? new defect Normal
#61029 widelands @build21: error: /usr/bin/ranlib: unknown option character `n' in: -no_warning_for_no_symbols new defect Normal
#61039 meson @0.55.1_1: Cross file does not specify strip binary, result will not be stripped. new defect Normal
#61041 icu @67.1_2: ld: duplicate symbol icu_67::number::NumberFormatterSettings<icu_67::number::UnlocalizedNumberFormatter>::copyErrorTo(UErrorCode&) const in number_skeletons.o and number_fluent.o new defect Normal
#61129 legacy-support: needs lutimes assigned kencu (Ken) defect Normal
#61130 gcc8: jit/jit-result.c:52:3: error: 'dlclose' was not declared in this scope new defect Normal
#61340 Gyoto @1.4.3: test run fails: In gyoto.C: Error initializing libgyoto: Converters.C:56 in void Gyoto::Units::Init(): error initializing arcsec unit assigned paumard defect Normal
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