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#47837 fixed port:exiv2 upgrade (also addresses a current crash) \ RJVB (René Bertin)

exiv2 can crash attempting to extract the metadata from certain QuickTime movies. This bug is still present in the current svn/head, but at least that version provides an option to disable support for video (which doesn't have EXIF data anyway, AFAIK).

I reported the bug: .

Attached is a patch to upgrade port:exiv2 to the latest version, introducing a +video variant to enable support for video metadata for those who can live with the risk of crashing.

This update also adds the cmake.out_of_source yes command that was still missing.

#15707 fixed vobcopy lfs not enabled 0booo5b02@……

vobcopy does not have large file support (lfs) enabled under 10.4 Tiger. Witness what happens when I try to vobcopy to one large file:


$ vobcopy -l

[Error] Wrong option.

Vobcopy 1.1.0 - GPL Copyright (c) 2001 - 2007 robos@…

Usage: vobcopy

[-m (mirror)]

[-i /path/to/the/mounted/dvd/]

[-n title-number]

[-t <your name for the dvd>]

[-o /path/to/output-dir/ (can be "stdout" or "-")]

[-f (force output)]

[-V (version)]

[-v (verbose)]

[-v -v (create log-file)]

[-h (this here ;-)]

[-I (infos about title, chapters and angles on the dvd)]

[-1/path/to/second/output/dir/] [-2/.../third/..] [-3/../] [-4 /../]

[-b <skip-size-at-beginning[bkmg]>]

[-e <skip-size-at-end[bkmg]>]

[-O <single_file_name1,single_file_name2, ...>]

[-q (quiet)]

[-w <watchdog-minutes>]

[-F <fast-factor:1..64>]


Perusal of the source shows that the option exists, but for some reason it is not compiled in.

#20391 fixed vobcopy is outdated 0booo5b02@… adam@…

The port for vobcopy is outdated at 1.1.0.

1.2.0 can be found at

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