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COMMENT: glade-1.1.3

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When you save a project glade-2 (confusingly, this is the program installed by glade-1.1.3) writes two XML files ( and foo.gladep). When you "build" a project glade-2 also writes a skeleton autoconf/automake project directory. A script called is written, which builds an aclocal.m4 file, which is used by autoconf to build a configure script.

However, the generated aclocal.m4 file is empty on OS X. This is because glade installs some m4 files in /opt/local/share/glade-2 and the aclocal program provided by Apple fails to look in that extra directory. As a result, the configure script will not run. This can be configured around by doing:

setenv ACLOCAL_FLAGS "-I /opt/local/share/glade-2"

just prior to running

Question 3.2 of the Glade FAQ <> describes this problem.

It isn't clear how best to address this problem. Requiring a Darwinports version of automake (which provides aclocal) might be simplest, but we ought to be able to use the OS-provided tools.

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The used is told to add the environment var, by herself! in the updated version 2.6.

Not elegant, but the least w0rk (and breakage).

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