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UPDATE: blib-1.1.6

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Component: ports Version: 1.0
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the portfile can be found here: INLINE

Description: Library of useful things to hack the Blinkenlights.


Comments: Portfile submitted completely as original version has been checked in with tabs instead of spaces

================INLINE CONTENT================ # $Id: Portfile,v 1.6 2004/02/14 23:54:33 tim Exp $ PortSystem 1.0 name blib version 1.1.6 categories graphics blinkenlights maintainers tim@… description Library of useful things to hack the Blinkenlights long_description This library contains some code that you will find useful if \

you want to create any kind of software related to Blinkenlights. \ If you have never heard about Blinkenlights, you want to check \ the project's home page first.

depends_lib lib:libglib.2:glib2 homepage master_sites checksums blib-1.1.6.tar.gz md5 93d70723b66b4957c72d97d39829e9e5

platforms darwin

configure.args --disable-directfb --disable-gtk \

--disable-aa --disable-modules \ --disable-maintainer-mode --disable-gtk-doc \ --enable-shared=yes --enable-static=no \ --mandir=${prefix}/share/man

configure.env CPPFLAGS="-I${prefix}/include" LDFLAGS="-L${prefix}/lib"

default_variants +gtk

variant gtk {

depends_lib-append lib:libgtk.2:gtk2 configure.args-delete --disable-gtk configure.args-append --enable-gtk


variant directfb {

depends_lib-append lib:libdirectfb:directfb configure.args-delete --disable-directfb configure.args-append --enable-directfb


variant aa {

depends_lib-append lib:libaa:aalib configure.args-delete --disable-aa configure.args-append --enable-aa

} ================INLINE CONTENT================

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Committed. Thanks Tim!

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