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BUG: kdebase3-3.1.2 konqueror fails to display html pages

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System Details:

  1. OS is Apple Mac OS 10.2.8
  1. X-Windows system is the Darwin Port of XFree86 4.3.0.
  1. Installed KDE components are the Darwin Ports kdelibs3 3.1.2 and kdebase3 3.1.2. The ports

were built without explicitely invoking any variants, as in the commands

sudo port install kdelibs3 sudo port install kdebase3

invoked in that order.

  1. The UNIX compatibility library ports libcompat 4.6.2-RELEASE and dlcompat 20030629 are


Bug Details:

Konqueror displays the following error message whenever it is asked to display an html document:

There was an error loading the module KHTML.

The diagnostics is:

dlcompat: unable to open this file with RTLD_LOCAL

After the error message is displayed, the raw html comes up in the Konqueror screen. Konqueror can successfully display plain text documents.

It says somewhere in the KDE documentation that khtml is used by many components of KDE, including Konqueror and Help. It is possible to successfully open local html documents in Help by right clicking on them and then choosing Open With --> Help, so this error seems to be specific to Konqueror rather than being an error in the dlcompat library or the libkhtml library. The first partial teminal screen dump below indicates that Konqueror seems to try to dlopen the wrong library, rather than libkthml.dylib.


  1. The first terminal screen dump below was obtained by starting X-Windows and KDE from an

OS 10 terminal using the command

xinit /opt/local/bin/startkde

Only the part of the screen dump where the Konqueror error occurs is reproduced.

The same Konqueror error occurs if KDE is started with X-Windows by double-clicking (The command /opt/local/bin/startkde is contained in the .xinitrc file.) So nothing about this error is specific to starting X-Windows and KDE from an OS 10 terminal.

  1. Ditto for the second partial terminal screen dump below.
  1. The third terminal screen dump is simply the result of a UNIX find command to demonstrate

that and libkhtml.dylib are really present where they are supposed to be.

Terminal Screen Dumps:

  1. Partial Konqueror terminal screen dump:

konqueror: khtml : X-KDE-BrowserView-AllowAsDefault is valid : false kdecore (KLibLoader): library not found under 'module' but under 'lib' kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: library=libkhtml: file=/opt/local/lib/ dlcompat: unable to open this file with RTLD_LOCAL

  1. Partial Help terminal screen dump. Here Help successfully displayed the web page


khelpcenter (kdebase): MainWindow::slotOpenURLRequest(): file:/Users/xxxx/ composeWindowSource.html khtml (part): saveState! khtml (part): KHTMLPart::saveState saving URL help:/khelpcenter/index.html?anchor=welcome khtml (part): KHTMLPart(0xe9a130)::openURL file:/Users/xxxx/composeWindowSource.html khtml (part): closing old URL khtml (part): KHTMLPart::openURL now (before started) m_url = file:/Users/xxxx/ composeWindowSource.html

. . .

DCOP: unregister 'khelpcenter'

  1. UNIX find terminal screen dump:

% cd /opt/local % find . -name "libkhtml*" ./lib/libkhtml.4.1.0.dylib ./lib/libkhtml.4.dylib ./lib/libkhtml.dylib ./lib/ ./lib/libkhtmlimagepart_main.dylib ./lib/ %

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Summary: The Konqueror web browser component of the Darwin Port kdebase3 3.1.2 fails to display html pages.BUG: kdebase3-3.1.2 konqueror fails to display html pages

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KDE has been updated to 3.4.1. This bug should be closed. If the same problem occurs with the new version, please open a new bug.

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