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gimp-2.6.0 +without_gnome -dbus Dependency Compile errors

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Component: ports Version: 1.6.0
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Port: gimp2

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grep: /opt/local/lib/ No such file or directory
sed: /opt/local/lib/ No such file or directory
libtool: link: `/opt/local/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive
make[2]: *** [] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

Following these directions,

I've had numerous other issues such as perl 5.8 not existing and had to install via macports even though perl -v reported 5.8 proper. Numerous other issues. You will most likely encounter these via a blank macports install and following that guide.

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These instructions are incorrect or at least out of date as they refer to old gimp ports and variants that have been renamed and the global variants feature in MacPorts that they recommend is broken in version 1.60 (although it has just been fixed in trunk and should be available in the next release 1.70).

To build a native version, you need to first install a native gtk+ environment then use it to build gimp2 and its dependencies using the +no_x11 variant where necessary.

I suggest the following:

1) Make a clean install of MacPorts as a separate instance to be used for native gtk+ development. The MacPorts Guide has instructions on doing this here: On my machine, I have my main version that I use for X11 apps installed in the default /opt/local but I have a second version installed in /opt/gtk for native development.

2) Set your path for your native instance In my example, the path is

/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/bin /opt/gtk/bin /opt/gtk/sbin /Users/devans/bin /usr/local/bin /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin)

It's helpful to set up shell aliases or the like to switch from one path to the other.

3) Do a selfupdate to get the latest Portfiles. This is a good thing to do anytime something doesn't work before you file a ticket.

sudo port -d selfupdate

4) Install the following ports (in this order) to get a native gtk+ environment:

sudo port install cairo +no_x11
sudo port install pango +no_x11
sudo port install gtk2 +no_x11

This should work on Leopard. There are problems with gtk2 +no_x11 right now on Tiger (see #16978)

5) Install these ports to build a native build of gimp2

sudo port install poppler +no_x11
sudo port install gimp2 +no_x11

6) Optionally add these (but they are not necessary)

sudo port install macfile-gimp macclipboard-gimp icns-gimp

Don't install gimp-user-manual as it is out of date (applies to the 2.4 series) and it takes a long time to build. No new manual yet. Read the release notes instead.

7) Download from and extract. Note that this is a different gimp-app than the MacPorts port gimp-app. The latter builds a launcher for the X11 version of gimp2 only.

8) Load ScriptExecCocoa/ScriptExec.xcodeproj with Xcode and click build

9) run

Please let me know your experience on this. This is experimental territory. I am currently working on a new gimp-app-native port that will hopefully automate some of this.

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I just re-read your original post and noted that I didn't address all the problems you are having:

1) The problem with /opt/local/lib/ indicates that you're building something (gtk2 in this case) without the +no_x11 variant. You shouldn't see any X11 stuff anywhere if it's working correctly.

2) Concerning perl, it is a dependency and will get installed. Best just to go with this as mixing MacPorts and non-MacPorts versions can cause problems.

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Thanks! I'll give it a try and report back

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Attempting to use jhbuild for the GTK elements. (seems quicker then a second macports but I'll give it a shot later.)

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OK, but if you're going to do it that way then stick with that for the complete build. It's not recommended to mix MacPorts software with that built by other means as it may introduce unpredictable consequences.

I would appreciate it if you would try the approach I outlined when you have the time as an independent test of the procedure.

In the meantime, I'll consider this ticket to not be a bug as such but procedural misunderstandings and close it out.

Please feel free to file tickets on specific MacPorts related problems that might pop up. For problems with jhbuild, contact the guys at Imendio.

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