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the portfile can be found here: INLINE

Description: This the latest update to the 1.2 series of GnuPG. Some front-ends, like GPGMail, still require pre-1.3 series builds. I made some path and file name modifications to avoid colliding with the 1.4 series dport.


Comments: I have omitted the --disable-dynload and --disable-asm configure args that appear in the 1.4 series dport because I myself don't seem to need them. It's possible that I should put them back for the sake of others.

================INLINE CONTENT================ # $Id: $ PortSystem 1.0 name gnupg12 version 1.2.7 platforms darwin categories mail description GNU Privacy Guard long_description GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP. \

Because it does not use the patented IDEA algorithm, \ it can be used without any restrictions. GnuPG is a \ RFC2440 (OpenPGP) compliant application. PGP, on which \ OpenPGP is based, was originally developed by Philip \ Zimmermann in the early 1990s.

homepage maintainers dms@… master_sites distname gnupg-${version} use_bzip2 yes distfiles [suffix ${distname}]:gnupg checksums [suffix ${distname}] \

md5 26f19692a9b8a870e3f156d7281f662c \ sha1 c8e47066e5bb61d74f4001b51117bf3a56a7dd3b

patch { reinplace s/PACKAGE='gnupg/&12/ \

${worksrcpath}/configure }

configure.args --infodir=${prefix}/share/info \

--mandir=${prefix}/share/man \ --program-transform-name='s/pg/&12/' \ --enable-static-rnd=linux \ --disable-nls \ --with-libiconv-prefix=${prefix} \ --with-zlib=${prefix} \ --without-bzip2 yes test.dir ${worksrcpath}/checks check post-destroot { file rename ${destroot}${prefix}/share/info/ \


file rename \

${destroot}${prefix}/share/info/ \ ${destroot}${prefix}/share/info/ }

variant nls {

post-patch { file rename ${worksrcpath}/po/gnupg.pot \

${worksrcpath}/po/gnupg12.pot }

configure.args-delete --disable-nls configure.args-append --enable-nls \


post-destroot { file delete ${destroot}${prefix}/lib/charset.alias \

${destroot}${prefix}/share/locale/locale.alias }

} variant bzip2 {

depends_lib-append lib:libbz2.:bzip2 configure.args-delete --without-bzip2 configure.args-append --with-bzip2=${prefix}

} variant tiger {

configure.args-append --enable-tiger

} variant newtiger {

configure.args-append --enable-new-tiger

} variant sha512 {

configure.args-append --enable-sha512

} variant memoryguard {

configure.args-append --enable-m-guard

} variant idea {

master_sites-append distfiles-append idea.c.gz:idea checksums-append idea.c.gz md5 9dc3bc086824a8c7a331f35e09a3e57f \

sha1 82fded4ec31b97b3b2dd22741880b67cfee40f84

extract.only [suffix ${distname}] post-extract { system "gzip -cd ${distpath}/idea.c.gz \

${worksrcpath}/cipher/idea.c" }

} ============================================== -- david m. serpa [email] dms@… (pgp key id 0x1AD737E1) [im] davidmserpa (aim, yahoo), dms@… (msn)

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could you please submit the Portfile as attachement to bugzilla? Ripping out the Portfile from inline is a huge pain, especially such a big one...


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submitted - great work, thanks!

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