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mathomatic @16.0.0 Please fix readline support, and other suggestions

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Readline does not appear to be compiling into the resulting Mathomatic executable. "READLINE=1" has to be on the make command line, on the right side of the "make"; I think it needs to be added to "build.args" in the Portfile, then it will work. You should please check to make sure if readline is compiled into Macports mathomatic, by seeing if it will recall previous input. It didn't for me.

And it appears DESTDIR support is not being used (not sure about this, sorry if I guessed wrong, but my implementation of DESTDIR in the makefile is correct and should be used for proper installation of m4 Mathomatic). The Mathomatic makefile now has complete DESTDIR support, and should compile like any other well behaved application. You should only need to pass the destination directory tree to the makefile DESTDIR variable when installing, and it takes care of everything else: like prefixing it to the destination pathnames before installing, as needed. Please forgive me if I am wrong, I just saw no mention of DESTDIR in any of the Mathomatic port files.


echo "INSTALL=${INSTALL:-install}" >> flags

in the configure file shouldn't be needed and may cause problems, because the "-" is already used before some installs. This would just mask some installation errors, and not install some files. Let me know if there is a problem removing this line, I will happily fix it in the Mathomatic distribution right away for the next release, which I can make at any time you request.

And to install everything wonderful about Mathomatic, including m4 support, use "make m4install" instead of "make install". This will add a dependency that m4 be installed for runtime, though.

Sorry for so much stuff I am worried about; I really appreciate you taking care of Mathomatic in MacPorts, you have done a fine job, for so very long! I hope Mathomatic has become a worthy program of your time. Thank you very much!

Best Wishes, George Gesslein II Author of Mathomatic

P.S.: The changelog has moved to and is in the correct changelog order now.

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Cc Me!

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Oops, I forgot to mention that Mathomatic only compiles with GNU make now. Unix make will not work. GNU make is sometimes called gmake on Unix systems.

Best Regards, George Gesslein II Chief Author of Mathomatic

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Please remember to Cc or assign to the maintainer, if any.

As for GNU make, that can probably be handled by setting build.type to gnu.

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there is quite some implicit "default" magic going on in a Portfile; also your suggestion seems to be based on an outdated version of the Portfile (at least the INSTALL=... stuff); I have fixed the readline support (r95282);


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Dear MWW and Crew,

Looks good. Thank you very much!

Best Regards, George Gesslein II

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