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py-pyside: cannot import PySide module

Reported by: tim@… Owned by: mamoll (Mark Moll)
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Component: ports Version: 2.1.3
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Port: py-pyside


sudo port install py-pyside succeeds but in Python import PySide gives "no module named PySide"

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Port: py27-pyside removed
Summary: py-pyside py27-pyside import PySide "no module named PySide"py-pyside: cannot import PySide module

Thanks for the ticket. In the future, please Cc relevant port maintainers.

Are you sure you’re using the correct Python? If you installed py-pyside, then you got py27-pyside, and you need to be using /opt/local/bin/python2.7 (adjust appropriately for custom MacPorts prefix, of course).

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by tim@…

Hi. It is my intention and belief that I am using MacPorts python v2.7 Other modules I've added work fine as far as I can tell.

However, I am not using the the binary in /opt/local/bin/python2.7

I have relied on port --select

Am I doing something wrong? Apart from pyside, python works fine.

For example

import sip

gives no errors; the module loads. It seems to me there is something broken specifically for pyside.

here are some diagnostics

churchill:doc tim$ which python
churchill:doc tim$ port select --list python
Available versions for python:
	python27 (active)

churchill:doc tim$ sudo port install python27
--->  Computing dependencies for python27
--->  Cleaning python27
--->  Scanning binaries for linking errors: 100.0%
--->  No broken files found.

and an extract from port list instaled

py-pyside                      @1.1.2          python/py-pyside
py27-cairo                     @1.10.0         python/py-cairo
py27-distribute                @0.6.35         python/py-distribute
py27-distribute                @0.6.35         python/py-distribute
py27-gobject                   @2.28.6         python/py27-gobject
py27-libxml2                   @2.8.0          python/py-libxml2
py27-lxml                      @2.3.2          python/py-lxml
py27-nose                      @1.2.1          python/py-nose
py27-numpy                     @1.6.2          python/py-numpy
py27-pygtk                     @2.24.0         python/py-pygtk
py27-pyqt4                     @4.10.0         python/py-pyqt4
py27-pyside                    @1.1.2          python/py-pyside
py27-shiboken                  @1.1.2          python/py-shiboken
py27-sip                       @4.14.4         python/py-sip
python27                       @2.7.3          lang/python27
python_select                  @0.3            sysutils/python_select
qt4-mac                        @4.8.4          aqua/qt4-mac
qt4-mac                        @4.8.4          aqua/qt4-mac
rarian                         @0.8.1          textproc/rarian
readline                       @6.2.000        devel/readline

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by mamoll (Mark Moll)

I have py27-pyside installed and cannot reproduce this. Does this directory exist?:


comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by mamoll (Mark Moll)

What is the output of this command?:

ls -l `which python`

comment:5 in reply to:  2 Changed 9 years ago by mf2k (Frank Schima)

Replying to tim@…:

and an extract from port list instaled

See the FAQ about this. Please instead use:

port installed active
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comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by tim@…

Thanks for your support. I've answered your requests for more diagnostics below

(1) port installed active (see below)

(2) Does this directory exist?:

/opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7 /site-packages/PySide

Answer: No. The directory PySide does not exist, although the parent directory does.

(3) what is

ls -l which python

churchill:python2.7 tim$  ls -l `which python`
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  admin  7 23 Sep 22:08 /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin/python -> python2

port installed active

 py-pyside @1.1.2_1 (active)
  py27-cairo @1.10.0_1+x11 (active)
  py27-distribute @0.6.35_0 (active)
  py27-gobject @2.28.6_0 (active)
  py27-libxml2 @2.8.0_0 (active)
  py27-lxml @2.3.2_0 (active)
  py27-nose @1.2.1_1 (active)
  py27-numpy @1.6.2_1 (active)
  py27-pygtk @2.24.0_0+x11 (active)
  py27-pyqt4 @4.10.0_0 (active)
  py27-pyside @1.1.2_1 (active)
  py27-shiboken @1.1.2_1 (active)
  py27-sip @4.14.4_0 (active)
  python27 @2.7.3_1 (active)
  python_select @0.3_2 (active)
  qt4-mac @4.8.4_6 (active)
  rarian @0.8.1_0 (active)
  readline @6.2.000_0 (active)
  sane-backends @1.0.22_4 (active)
  schroedinger @1.0.11_0 (active)
  scribus @1.4.2_0 (active)
  shared-mime-info @1.0_0 (active)
  smartmontools @6.0_0+attributelog+savestates (active)
  speex @1.2rc1_0 (active)
  sqlite3 @ (active)
  sshfs @2.4_2 (active)
  texinfo @4.13_2 (active)
  tiff @4.0.3_1 (active)
  ufraw @0.18_3 (active)
  urw-fonts @1.0.7pre44_0 (active)
  webkit-gtk @1.10.2_2+video (active)
  webp @0.2.1_2 (active)
  x264 @20130105_1 (active)
  Xft2 @2.3.1_0 (active)
  xmlcatmgr @2.2_1 (active)
  xorg-bigreqsproto @1.1.2_0 (active)
  xorg-compositeproto @0.4.2_0 (active)
  xorg-damageproto @1.2.1_0 (active)
  xorg-dri2proto @2.8_0 (active)
  xorg-fixesproto @5.0_0 (active)
  xorg-glproto @1.4.16_0 (active)
  xorg-inputproto @ (active)
  xorg-kbproto @1.0.6_0 (active)
  xorg-libice @1.0.8_0 (active)
  xorg-libpthread-stubs @0.3_0 (active)
  xorg-libsm @1.2.1_0 (active)
  xorg-libX11 @1.5.0_0 (active)
  xorg-libXau @1.0.7_0 (active)
  xorg-libxcb @1.9_0+python27 (active)
  xorg-libXcomposite @0.4.4_0 (active)
  xorg-libXcursor @1.1.13_0 (active)
  xorg-libXdamage @1.1.4_0 (active)
  xorg-libXdmcp @1.1.1_0 (active)
  xorg-libXext @1.3.1_0 (active)
  xorg-libXfixes @5.0_0 (active)
  xorg-libXi @1.6.2_0 (active)
  xorg-libXinerama @1.1.2_0 (active)
  xorg-libxkbfile @1.0.8_0 (active)
  xorg-libxkbui @1.0.2_0 (active)
  xorg-libXmu @1.1.1_0 (active)
  xorg-libXrandr @1.4.0_0 (active)
  xorg-libXt @1.1.3_0 (active)
  xorg-randrproto @1.4.0_0 (active)
  xorg-renderproto @0.11.1_0 (active)
  xorg-util-macros @1.17_0 (active)
  xorg-xcb-proto @1.8_0+python27 (active)
  xorg-xcb-util @0.3.9_0 (active)
  xorg-xcmiscproto @1.2.2_0 (active)
  xorg-xextproto @7.2.1_0 (active)
  xorg-xf86bigfontproto @1.2.0_0 (active)
  xorg-xineramaproto @1.2.1_0 (active)
  xorg-xproto @7.0.23_0 (active)
  xorg-xtrans @1.2.7_0 (active)
  xpm @3.5.10_0 (active)
  xrender @0.9.7_0 (active)
  xsane @0.998_2 (active)
  XviD @1.3.2_3 (active)
  xz @5.0.4_0 (active)
  zlib @1.2.7_0 (active)

comment:7 Changed 9 years ago by mamoll (Mark Moll)

That's odd. First, /opt/local/bin is probably not at the beginning of your PATH environment variable if the system-installed version of python is found before the MacPorts version. However, if that directory doesn't exist, then "import PySide" wouldn't work either if you launched /opt/local/bin/python2.7. What is the output of this command?:

port contents py27-pyside

If it lists files that don't exist, try uninstalling and reinstalling py27-pyside.

comment:8 Changed 9 years ago by tim@…

Right, my PATH was a real mess. All this time I thought macports installed python to /Library/Frameworks I'm going to fix this first, I think I will need to do quite a lot of reinstalling since many python modules are installed against a version I didn't want.

comment:9 Changed 9 years ago by mamoll (Mark Moll)

So can this ticket be closed?

comment:10 Changed 9 years ago by tim@…

well, if I still have problems, then it will be related to a different problem, so I think so. Thank again for your help.

comment:11 Changed 9 years ago by mamoll (Mark Moll)

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