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port build/install ethereal 0.10.11 fails

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I'd like to provide output in response to:

gcc -v gives 4.0. os is 10.4.2, uname -a gives darwin 8.2.0 xcode is 2.1

I'll do so once I get the option to provide an attachment.

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port -dv build ethereal output

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port -dv build ethereal output

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Just to confirm, you ran: "port -dv build ethereal" (as opposed to the equivalent of "cd .../dports/net/ethereal; port -dv build") Can you also attach the output of 'port installed' and 'sw_vers'? Thanks much, -eric

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Just to confirm, you ran: "port -dv build ethereal" (as opposed to the equivalent of "cd .../dports/net/ethereal; port -dv build")


Can you also attach the output of 'port installed' and 'sw_vers'?

I hope in this 'Additional Comments' field is enough:

% sw_vers ProductName: Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.4.2 BuildVersion: 8C46

% port installed The following ports are currently installed:

apr 0.9.6_1 (active) apr-util 0.9.6_0 apr-util 0.9.6_1 (active) atk 1.9.1_0 (active) audiofile 0.2.6_0 (active) bitstream-vera 1.10_0 (active) chicken 1.66_1 (active) clisp 2.33.2_0 clisp 2.33.2_1 clisp 2.33.2_4 (active) cracklib 2.7_0 (active) db4 4.3.28_0+darwin_7 (active) docbook-xml 4.3_0 (active) docbook-xsl 1.67.0_0 (active) expat 1.95.8_1 (active) fontconfig 2.2.3_1 (active) freetype 2.1.9_1 (active) getopt 1.1.3_3 (active) gettext 0.14.3_1 (active) glib2 2.6.5_0 (active) gtk2 2.6.8_0 (active) jam 2.5_1 (active) jpeg 6b_1 (active) libao 0.8.6_1 (active) libiconv 1.9.2_1 (active) libid3tag 0.15.1b_0 (active) libmad 0.15.1b_0 (active) libnet11 (active) libpcap 0.8.3_3 (active) libpng 1.2.8_2 (active) libsdl 1.2.8_2 libsdl 1.2.8_3 (active) libxml2 2.6.19_0 (active) libxslt 1.1.14_0 (active) mkcatalog 1.1_0 (active) mpg123 pre0.59s_0 (active) mpg321 0.2.10_1 (active) MPlayer 1.0pre7_2 (active) neon 0.24.7_0 (active) openjade 1.3.2_1 (active) opensp 1.5.1_0 (active) openssl 0.9.7g_0 openssl 0.9.8_0 (active) pango 1.8.1_0 (active) pkgconfig 0.17.2_1 (active) pngcrush 1.5.10_2 (active) readline 5.0.005_0 (active) render 0.8_2 (active) sbcl 0.9.2_0+test (active) subversion 1.2.0_0 subversion 1.2.1_0 (active) tiff 3.7.1_0 (active) unrar 3.5.2_0 (active) unzip 5.52_0 (active) wget 1.10_0 (active) Xft2 2.1.6_0 (active) xmlto 0.0.18_1 (active) xrender 0.8.4_0 (active) zlib 1.2.2_1 zlib 1.2.2_2 zlib 1.2.3_0 (active)

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Resolution: fixed
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added MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=... info to configure.env and build.env for various darwin platforms. This fixes the build on Tiger by removing the -flat_namespace arg to gcc that ethereal uses in the absence of OSX/darwin revision information. Not tested (yet) on non-tiger revisions.

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