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    1 I have had this same problem building cmake in OS X.X Beta 1 through OS X.X Goldmaster with no luck fixing the problem. I only care about cmake, so I can install WINE.
     1I have had this same problem building cmake in OS X.X Beta 1 through OS X.X Gold-master.
    3 I have done the following:
     3This fixed the problem:
    551. Completely uninstall Macports. Remove all traces using these steps []
    662. Reboot the system
    773. Download and build Macports from the latest source (I tried using the binary install route, but the installer hung for over 1hr eating 95% of the CPU cycles; so, I killed the task, and built from the source and installed within 5mins). Guide here []
    8 4. Run the command: ''sudo port install cmake''
    10 Note-- these steps assume you already installed:
    11 1. Xcode 6
    12 2. Xcode 6 Command-line tools and agreed to the Xcode license: ''sudo xcodebuild -license''
    13 3. X11 via the XQuartz project []
    15 After investigating the below log fragment, I am left with the question, "How do I '''set CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to empty''', as a means to get around this problem?"
    17 My error log includes this detail:[[BR]]
    18 info:configure CMake Warning at Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake:143 (message):[[BR]]
    19 :info:configure   CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is '10.10' but the matching SDK does not exist[[BR]]
    20 :info:configure   at:[[BR]]
    21 :info:configure [[BR]]
    22 :info:configure    "/Applications/"[[BR]]
    23 :info:configure [[BR]]
    24 :info:configure   Instead using SDK:[[BR]]
    25 :info:configure [[BR]]
    26 :info:configure    "/Applications/"[[BR]]
    27 :info:configure [[BR]]
    28 :info:configure   matching the host OS X version.[[BR]]
    29 :info:configure Call Stack (most recent call first):[[BR]]
    30 :info:configure   Modules/CMakeSystemSpecificInformation.cmake:36 (include)[[BR]]
    31 :info:configure   CMakeLists.txt:16 (project)[[BR]]
    32 :info:configure [[BR]]
    33 :info:configure [[BR]]
    34 :info:configure CMake Warning at Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake:179 (message):[[BR]]
    35 :info:configure   Ignoring CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT value:[[BR]]
    36 :info:configure [[BR]]
    37 :info:configure    /Applications/[[BR]]
    38 :info:configure [[BR]]
    39 :info:configure   because the directory does not exist.[[BR]]
    40 :info:configure Call Stack (most recent call first):[[BR]]
    41 :info:configure   Modules/CMakeSystemSpecificInformation.cmake:36 (include)[[BR]]
    42 :info:configure   CMakeLists.txt:16 (project)[[BR]]
    43 :info:configure [[BR]]
    44 :info:configure CMake Error at Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake:213 (message):[[BR]]
    45 :info:configure   CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is '10.10' but CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT:[[BR]]
    46 :info:configure [[BR]]
    47 :info:configure    ""[[BR]]
    48 :info:configure [[BR]]
    49 :info:configure   is not set to a MacOSX SDK with a recognized version.  Either set[[BR]]
    50 :info:configure   '''CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to a valid SDK or set CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to'''[[BR]]
    51 :info:configure   '''empty'''.[[BR]]
    52 :info:configure Call Stack (most recent call first):[[BR]]
    53 :info:configure   Modules/CMakeSystemSpecificInformation.cmake:36 (include)[[BR]]
    54 :info:configure   CMakeLists.txt:16 (project)[[BR]]
    55 :info:configure [[BR]]
    56 :info:configure -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
     84. Update to '''Xcode 6.1'''
     95. Run the command: ''sudo port install cmake''