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Base: port rdeps --full, infinite loop on circular dependency

Reported by: Dave-Allured (Dave Allured) Owned by:
Priority: Normal Milestone:
Component: base Version: 2.6.4
Keywords: Cc: cooljeanius (Eric Gallager)


This was first reported in port bug #62277 for py-attrs circular dependency. This is the bug report for rdeps in the base, not the port.

port rdeps --full py-attrs prints endlessly in infinite loop.
port rdeps py-attrs prints normally and shows 37 dependencies.

  • Base version 2.6.4
  • py-attrs @20.3.0_0
  • py-hypothesis @6.8.4_0
  • Mac OS 10.14.5
  • py-attrs --> py-hypothesis --> py-attrs
  • py-attrs is a normal library dependency of py-hypothesis.
  • py-hypothesis is a test dependency of py-attrs.

Requested base behavior:

  • Print warning message when circular dependency is first encountered.
  • Do not recurse into circular dependency.

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