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Sep 7, 2022, 7:31:12 PM (3 months ago)
ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt)

On a macbook air M1 I get this error

Yes, the error is accurate. You cannot build kdelibs4 for arm64 because its dependency qt4-mac does not support arm64.

nevertheless I have installed (I think) without problems

Yes, you have qt4-mac installed, probably for x86_64. (port -v installed qt4-mac will tell you for sure.) qt4-mac cannot be built for arm64. I guess kdelibs4 and all other ports that use qt4-mac will need to indicate that they too do not support arm64, or more probably the qt4 portgroup should be changed to do that so that all ports that use the portgroup get the fix at once.


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    initial v1  
    11On a macbook air M1 I get this error
    34MacBook-Air ~ % sudo port install kdelibs4
    89Error: Follow if you believe there is a bug.
    910Error: Processing of port kdelibs4 failed
    1113nevertheless I have installed (I think) without problems
    1215sudo port install qt4-mac
    1316--->  Computing dependencies for qt4-mac
    1619--->  No broken files found.
    1720--->  No broken ports found.