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    initial v2  
    1 Boost 176 does not build on Monterey 12.5.1 if the option +openmpi is chosen. Full log is attached
     1The various Boost ports fail to install with `+openmpi`, on Monterey 12.5.1.
     3Appears to be an issue with bootstrap compilation of `b2`:
     6:info:configure Building B2 engine..
     71421    :info:configure > cpp -DNDEBUG builtins.cpp class.cpp command.cpp compile.cpp constants.cpp cwd.cpp debug.cpp debugger.cpp execcmd.cpp execnt.cpp execunix.cpp filesys.cpp filent.cpp fileunix.cpp frames.cpp function.cpp glob.cpp hash.cpp hcache.cpp hdrmacro.cpp headers.cpp jam_strings.cpp jam.cpp jamgram.cpp lists.cpp make.cpp make1.cpp md5.cpp mem.cpp modules.cpp native.cpp object.cpp option.cpp output.cpp parse.cpp pathnt.cpp pathsys.cpp pathunix.cpp regexp.cpp rules.cpp scan.cpp search.cpp startup.cpp subst.cpp sysinfo.cpp timestamp.cpp variable.cpp w32_getreg.cpp modules/order.cpp modules/path.cpp modules/property-set.cpp modules/regex.cpp modules/sequence.cpp modules/set.cpp -o b2
     81422    :info:configure cpp: fatal error: too many input files
     91423    :info:configure compilation terminated.
     101424    :info:configure > cp b2 bjam
     111425    :info:configure cp: b2: No such file or directory
     121426    :info:configure Failed to build B2 build engine