This is a template for the mail the PortMgr team sends out to our Mac OS Forge liaison when approving applicants' membership, detailing the steps they need to take to complete the process:

Begin Template

Hello Bill! PortMgr would like to approve MacPorts membership for the following applicants:

  • $Real_Name1 $Real_Surname1, with MacPorts address "$mp_handle1@…" that should forward to "$real_address1";
  • $Real_Name2 $Real_Surname2, with MacPorts address "$mp_handle2@…" that should forward to "$real_address2";
  • (etc)

$Real_Name1, $Real_Name2, (etc), congratulations on making the team, most glad to see you join us! Bill will signal us when your MacPorts address(es) is (are) setup and ready to go. If for whatever reason your chosen handle is not allowed/available, as informed by Bill in such case, please submit another one for consideration.

Once and only once you receive final confirmation that your MacPorts handle has been created, please perform the following steps to complete your membership process:

  1. register for a Trac account using your new <handle> address (including the MacPorts domain part), using the form at:
  1. if possible, re-join all the MacPorts related mailing lists at with your new <handle> credentials. This is desired for all our members in all our lists for a number of reasons (e.g. official endorsement of posts, commit log mails being sent out by the server with our MacPorts indentities, etc.), but not required.
  1. browse over to and add an alphabetically ordered entry for yourself to our Wiki (the question marks indicate Wiki pages that don't exist, feel free to create one for yourself if you so wish).

Let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to having you as committer on The MacPorts Project!

  • Juan, James and Markus.
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