The purpose of this page is to consolidate and track pending hosting requests our project has submitted to its Mac OS Forge host. When thinking about a functionality you may desire at the server level, keep in mind that Mac OS Forge is not only shared with other projects but also that it does not have a staff of dedicated system administrators to cater to every single request. Therefore please refrain from submitting any hpsting related ticket before presenting a valid case for it on the MacPorts Development list and gathering at least some consensus over your proposal. Generally speaking, it's best to channel such requests through the MacPorts management team (see members), since they are the ones in most frequent communication with Mac OS Forge admin personnel and as a result have a better feel for the state of current and/or pending hosting requests.

That being said, following is a list of the top priority request tickets that are currently in progress:

  • Finish implementation of the svn revprop post-commit hook, #12593;
  • svn props pre-commit hook, #12594;
  • Trac users management plugin, #12595 (an alternative is currently being investigated);
  • Add link to MacPorts ticket creation guide, #13735;
  • Trac e-mail notifications, #10672;
  • real author in "From" header in svn commit log emails, #12602;
  • Match current ticket field values in already existing entries, #12603.

The full list of open hosting requests can be found through this Trac search, while those already closed and dealt with can be found through this other one.

Lastly, below is a list of some thoughts that might make it into formal requests once their feasibility through futher investigation is determined:

  • Investigate extending trac's privileges engine to restrict non MacPorts team members from using some ticket values, like setting a priorities to a non-default value;
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