Troubleshooting for projects' dependencies

Dependency data for the CI system might sometimes need adding of a new entry to the KF5-specific (logical) dependency data in case a project cannot find a required framework, although it is already available on the CI system! Take care that many dependencies get defined already globally.

Dependency data

Relevant for KF5 is the file


which contains information specific for KF5 projects.

See this snippet of the kmymoney part as an example

# Extragear Office
extragear/office/kmymoney: extragear/office/alkimia
extragear/office/kmymoney: kde/kdepimlibs

which defines things for KF5 in general (i.e. Linux/Windows/OSX).

On OSX it is currently necessary to exclude kdepimlibs from kmymoney's dependencies in


by appending these lines

+# Extragear Office
+# Do not depend on kdepimlibs on OSX/CI for now because of akonadi
+extragear/office/kmymoney: -kde/kdepimlibs

due to a build failure for akonadi.

Logical module structure

Information about the logical module structure is stored in


might be important if some branches aren't named the usual way, like again e.g. for kmymoney and its dependencies:

        "kde/kdepimlibs" : {
            "oldstable-qt4": "KDE/4.13",
            "stable-qt4": "KDE/4.14",
            "latest-qt4": "KDE/4.14",
            "kf5-qt5": "master"
        "extragear/office/alkimia": {
            "stable-qt4": "master",
            "latest-qt4": "master",
            "kf5-qt5": "frameworks"
        "extragear/office/kmymoney": {
            "stable-qt4": "master",
            "latest-qt4": "master",
            "kf5-qt5": "frameworks"
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