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akonadideveltrunkNo results

amarok @2.4.3: BUG IN CLIENT OF LIBDISPATCH: Do not close random Unix descriptors
amarok: dyld: Symbol not found: __ZN6Amarok20qt_mac_set_dock_menuEP5QMenu
Amarok @2.4.3 will not build!
Patched portfile that allows amarok 2.4.3 to build and install
amarok @2.6.0 Build fails (testamazonalbum)
amarok: Undefined symbols Playlists::M3UPlaylist::M3UPlaylist(KUrl const&)
amarok @2.6.0_4: build fails - linking failed with lots of undefined symbols such as Collections::Collection::updated()

amarok-develkdetrunkNo results
analitzakdetrunkNo results
arkkdetrunkNo results

attica : move Qt4/KDE4 headers and add Qt5 subport


automoc doesn't build on Tiger

blinkenkdetrunkNo results
bomberkdetrunkNo results
bovokdetrunkNo results
cantorkdetrunkNo results
cervisiakdetrunkNo results
choqokkdetrunkNo results
dbusmenu-qtdeveltrunkNo results

Digikam @2.0.0 hangs at launch.
digikam @2.1.1 unknown protocol 'digikamalbums'
digikam: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64
Digikam hangs at "Reading database" on start in Mountain Lion
digikam @2.9.0 flickr module cannot authenticate
DigiKam 3.5 corrupts JPG, TiFF, PNG images
digikam crash-Very unstable
Digikam crashes when using the editor window
Update digikam 3.5.0 to 4.-- produces error:: command execution failed while executing "system -nice 0 $fullcmdstring"
digikam @4.0.0_0: No drag and drop to the Dock anymore
port uninstall does not remove the app files
digikam: Add variant for external mysql database; rename variant for internal mysql database; update mysql dependency
digikam @4.10.0 No video playback [Portfile PATCH]
digikam: update to 4.10.0, mariadb variant and dependency cleanup
digikam @4.9.0: build fails after upgrade to opencv 3.0.0 due to API/header changes
digikam @4.9.0 fails to build: lensfun.h:2506:5: error: templates must have C++ linkage
Digikam 4.9.0 fails to install: LibKface cannot be compiled
digikam: update to 7.2.0

dolphin-pluginskdetrunkNo results
dragonkdetrunkNo results
ffmpegthumbskdetrunkNo results
granatierkdetrunkNo results
grantleedeveltrunkNo results
gwenviewkdetrunkNo results
jukkdetrunkNo results
kactivitieskdetrunkNo results
kalgebrakdetrunkNo results
kalziumkdetrunkNo results
kamerakdetrunkNo results
kanagramkdetrunkNo results
kapmankdetrunkNo results
kapptemplatekdetrunkNo results

kate @4.11.2_0 unexpected behavior with dynamic word wrap
kate @4.14.3_0: screen refreshing problem
sudo port install kate goes to sleep on El Capitan 10.11.2
Kate @4.14.3_5 build failure: Failed to generate ICNS

katomickdetrunkNo results
kblackboxkdetrunkNo results
kblockskdetrunkNo results
kbouncekdetrunkNo results
kbreakoutkdetrunkNo results
kbruchkdetrunkNo results

kcachegrind4: Allow use of unixODBC


kcalc @4.14.3_3: Assertion failure in -[NSNib initWithContentsOfURL:], NSNib.m:65, Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Deprecated in 10.8.'

kcharselectkdetrunkNo results
kcolorchooserkdetrunkNo results
kcronkdetrunkNo results

Can not change application colors via KDE System settings

kde-dev-scriptskdetrunkNo results
kde-dev-utilskdetrunkNo results
kde-wallpaperskdetrunkNo results

kde4-baseapps build failure on OS X 10.6.8

kde4-filelightkdetrunkNo results

Memory Issue when using Kile
kde4-kile: Associating with .tex files for opening a file by double-clicking
kde4-kile: not opening on Mojave
kde4-kile @2.1.3_6: "replace" command not working

kde4-runtimekdetrunkNo results
kdeadminkdetrunkNo results
kdeartworkkdetrunkNo results
kdebindings4kdetrunkNo results
kdeedu4kdetrunkNo results
kdegames4kdetrunkNo results
kdegraphics-strigi-analyzerkdetrunkNo results
kdegraphics-thumbnailerskdetrunkNo results
kdegraphics4kdetrunkNo results

kdeinit4 doesn't start: complains about dbus not running
kbuildsycoca4 error 88500 after installing kdewebdev
kdelibs4 doesn't respect startupitem
kdelibs4 mobile profile
kdelibs4 configure failure
[developer] kdelibs4 4.14/git/master portfile and directory
[KDE4]: move headerfiles to a dedicated TLD and other housekeeping
Multiple problems with kdelibs4 port
kdelibs4 @4.14.3_10 won't build on High Sierra
kdelibs4 : address alignment issues in the native Aqua style
kdelibs4 @ 4.14.3_15: build failure on Catalina
kdelibs4 does not find some installed ports which it needs

kdelibs4-experimentalkdetrunkNo results
kdemultimedia4kdetrunkNo results
kdenetwork-filesharingkdetrunkNo results
kdenetwork-strigi-analyzerskdetrunkNo results
kdenetwork4kdetrunkNo results

akregator crashing at start up
kdepim4 @4.14.3_5: ordered comparison between pointer and zero; ld: library not found for -lakonadi-calendar
kdepim4: KDE windows (kalarm) -- un-switchable-to, un-clickable (unpredictably)
akregator (and other kdepim4 apps) crash on launch


building kdepim4-runtime 4.13.3 on OS X 10.6.8 (symbol visibility)


kdepimlibs4 fails to build on / 2.2.1

kdepimlibs4-kioslaveskdetrunkNo results

port:kdesdk-kioslaves : make build against subversion 1.9+

kdesdk-strigi-analyzerskdetrunkNo results
kdesdk-thumbnailerskdetrunkNo results
kdesdk4kdetrunkNo results

kdesvn changed project website

kdetoys4kdetrunkNo results
kdeutils4kdetrunkNo results

Kdevelop will not launch after successful installation

kdevplatformkdetrunkNo results
kdewebdevkdetrunkNo results
kdiamondkdetrunkNo results
kdiskfreekdetrunkNo results
kdnssdkdetrunkNo results
kfloppykdetrunkNo results
kfourinlinekdetrunkNo results
kgeographykdetrunkNo results
kgetkdetrunkNo results
kgoldrunnerkdetrunkNo results
kgpgkdetrunkNo results

kgraphviewer @2.1.1_0: build failure - package 'libgraph' not found
kgraphviewer update
kgraphviewer fails to build

khangmankdetrunkNo results
kigkdetrunkNo results
kigokdetrunkNo results
killbotskdetrunkNo results
kimonokdetrunkNo results
kirikikdetrunkNo results

kiten @4.14.3_3 +debug+docs: error: ordered comparison between pointer and zero

kjumpingcubekdetrunkNo results
klettreskdetrunkNo results
klicketykdetrunkNo results
klineskdetrunkNo results
kmahjonggkdetrunkNo results
kmineskdetrunkNo results
kmixkdetrunkNo results
kmplotkdetrunkNo results
kmymoney4kdetrunkNo results
knavalbattlekdetrunkNo results
knetwalkkdetrunkNo results
koffice2-develkdetrunkNo results
kolfkdetrunkNo results
kollisionkdetrunkNo results
kolourpaintkdetrunkNo results
komparekdetrunkNo results
konquestkdetrunkNo results
konsolekdetrunkNo results
konversationkdetrunkNo results
kopetekdetrunkNo results
korundumkdetrunkNo results
kpatkdetrunkNo results
krdckdetrunkNo results
kreversikdetrunkNo results
kross-interpreterskdetrunkNo results
krulerkdetrunkNo results

Broken Krusader ""
krusader - screen glitches
krusader on mac os x 10.4 power pc
Fail to install Krusader on Ventura 13.5.1 (22G90)

ksanepluginkdetrunkNo results
kscdkdetrunkNo results
kshisenkdetrunkNo results
ksirkkdetrunkNo results
ksnakeduelkdetrunkNo results
kspaceduelkdetrunkNo results
ksquareskdetrunkNo results
kstarskdetrunkNo results
ksudokukdetrunkNo results
ksystemlogkdetrunkNo results
ktimerkdetrunkNo results
ktorrentkdetrunkNo results
ktorrent4kdetrunkNo results
ktouchkdetrunkNo results
ktuberlingkdetrunkNo results
kturtlekdetrunkNo results
kubrickkdetrunkNo results
kuserkdetrunkNo results
kwalletkdetrunkNo results
kwordquizkdetrunkNo results
libkcddbkdetrunkNo results
libkcompactdisckdetrunkNo results

libkdcraw: LLVM ERROR: Cannot yet select: 0x100cb5b10: f32 = ConstantFP<0.000000e+00> [ORD=625] [ID=4]
libkdcraw does not build against libraw-0.19.0
KDE apps fail on MacPorts wide upgrade

libkdeedukdetrunkNo results
libkdegameskdetrunkNo results
libkexiv2kdetrunkNo results
libkipikdetrunkNo results
libkmahjonggkdetrunkNo results
libkomparediff2kdetrunkNo results
libksanekdetrunkNo results
libktorrentkdetrunkNo results
lokalizekdetrunkNo results
lskatkdetrunkNo results
marblekdetrunkNo results
massif-visualizerkdetrunkNo results
mobipocketkdetrunkNo results
mplayerthumbskdetrunkNo results
nepomuk-corekdetrunkNo results
nepomuk-widgetskdetrunkNo results
oktetakdetrunkNo results

okular @0.6.4 makes broken screen when scrolling
okular @4.14.3_1 reloads djvu files repeatedly
okular and kspaceduel both crash after successful build/install

oxygen-iconskdetrunkNo results

pairs: build failure Generating pairs_SRCS.icns

palapelikdetrunkNo results
parleykdetrunkNo results
perlkdekdetrunkNo results
perlqtkdetrunkNo results

phonon needs libpng

picmikdetrunkNo results
polkit-qtkdetrunkNo results
poxmlkdetrunkNo results
prisonkdetrunkNo results
qimageblitzgraphicstrunkNo results
qjsondeveltrunkNo results
qtrubykdetrunkNo results
qtscriptgeneratordeveltrunkNo results

qyoto @ 4.14.3: fails to build on Yosemite


rkward: Update to latest


rocs @4.14.3_6 +debug+docs: fatal error: too many errors emitted, stopping now [-ferror-limit=] (c++11-related?)

shared-desktop-ontologieskdetrunkNo results
smokegenkdetrunkNo results

smokekde @4.14.3_5 +debug+docs: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 with kdelibs4+osxkeychain


smokeqt configure fails

stepkdetrunkNo results
svgpartkdetrunkNo results
sweeperkdetrunkNo results

tellico seriously outdated & doesn't compile
tellico @2.3.12: search fails with SSL negotional failed message


umbrello: Use qt5 instead of qt4
umbrello: display flickers and using code import wizard results in null pointer read attempt
Umbrello crashes at launch


Above table has been created using this script

$ bash > kde4-tickets.txt 
$ cat
echo "||'''Port'''||'''Category'''||'''Repository'''||'''Tickets'''||"; \
for name in $(port echo "category:(\W|^)kde4(\W|$)"); do \
    if ( echo $name | grep -qv 'kde-l10n-' ); then
        port file $name 2>&1 \
        | grep 'tarballs' \
        | sed -E \
            -e 's|/opt/local/var/macports/sources/||' \
            -e 's|^(.*)/Portfile$|trunk/dports/\1|' \
        | awk -v NAME=$name 'BEGIN \
            { FS = "/" } ; \
            { printf "||[source:"$0" "NAME"]||[source:" } ; \
            { \
                for (x=1; x<NF; x++) { \
                    printf "%s", $x ; \
                    if (x != NF-1) printf "/" \
                } \
            } ; \
            { printf " "$(NF-1)"]||[source:" } ; \
            { \
                for (x=1; x<NF-1; x++) { \
                    printf "%s", $x ; \
                    if (x != NF-2) printf "/" \
                } \
            } ; \
            { printf " "$(NF-3)"]||||[[TicketQuery(port="NAME"&status=new|assigned|reopened)]]||\n" } ; \
            ' ;

which is based on pixilla's

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