MacPorts Meeting 2016

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A MacPorts meeting would be an excellent opportunity to meet fellow port developers face-to-face, to brainstorm ideas together, agree about priorities of future development, decrease the number of open tickets, put your heads together and finally code (or force someone to code) those hacks that you never had time to or knew how to implement.

This should also be an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like to learn more about development of packages/port for the Mac. Or maybe you are a devoted user or a developer of some software package that doesn't have a package on Mac yet and you would like some help?

We need your input (and your presence at the meeting) to put together a wonderful program, packed with a mixture of interesting talks, round-table discussions, brainstorming sessions, hacking sessions late in the night next to a fireplace of a tile stove ... possibly while your kids have a snowball fight just outside of the house.

For some inspiration you could check a similar Randa meeting organized by the KDE group with a fundraiser to help developers attend the meeting.

Date and place

The first MacPorts Meeting will take place in Gozd Martuljek near Kranjska Gora, Slovenia (map, homepage) from 13th to 17th March.

  • (Saturday, 12th March: potential early arrivals)
  • Sunday, 13th March: arrivals, the programme starts as soon as everyone gets together (hopefully in early afternoon)
  • Monday – Wednesday: intensive programme, discussions & hacking
  • Thursday, 17th March: optionally visit qualifications of the Ski Jumping World Cup in Planica, hacking or free time, departures

Organizers / Contact

  • Mojca Miklavec (mojca)
  • Aljaž Srebrnič (g5pw)

If you want to contact us, just add to the username to form a valid e-mail address or write to g5pw on IRC (freenode).

Confirmed participants

  • Mojca Miklavec (mojca)
  • Aljaž Srebrnič (g5pw)
  • Rainer Müller (raimue, PortMgr)
  • Clemens Lang (cal)
  • Peter Danecek (petr)
  • Jackson Isaac (ijackson)
  • Dagobert Michelsen (OpenCSW package manager for Solaris)
  • ...

Registration, fees & payments

price deadline
Super-early bird 220 EUR 31st December 2015
Early bird 250 EUR 22nd February 2016
Late bird 280 EUR
Drop-in visitors (food)

The fees should cover everything except for your travel costs, extra drinks (or other activities like skiing if you choose to do that). Food, accommodation, tea, coffee breaks, use of the room where the conference will take place, ... are included.

If any local Mac addicts want to drop in for a few hours or a day, there is no special registration fee, we will only ask you to cover the costs of the lunch/dinner/drinks depending on your arrangements. Please contact us.

If you opt for a single bedroom, you'll get a double room with a single occupancy in the main building. Please add an additional 20 EUR/night to the overall fee. You might also be able to sleep in a tree house instead of the normal room for no extra charge (hoping that the construction works on the house will be completed by the time of the conference).

Registration link:

Thanks to the ConTeXt Group for letting us us borrow their bank account, we'll collect the registration fees on that group's account number.

You can choose to pay the complete fee now or transfer 100 EUR now and the rest later (by the time of your arrival). Unless you live outside of Europe, please use the BIC/IBAN rather than the (more expensive) PayPal.


(See also Abstracts.)

Saturday 12th Early arrivals / Informal day
(Hands-on) networking workshop Aljaž workshop
Lightning talks (vim, zsh) Aljaž talk
Brainstorming and planning hacking sessions discussion
go out for dinner
Networking fun
Sunday 13th Arrivals / Overview
Arrivals / Welcome
Introduction to Portfile development Aljaž tutorial (informal)
OpenCSW package manager for Solaris Dagobert talk
Current state & future of MacPorts project Rainer talk + discussion
MacPorts PortMgr Rainer talk + discussion
18:00 Dinner (potentially in Kranjska Gora)
Beer & first bug hunting session hacking
Monday 14th First day / Base hacking
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Official opening of the meeting Mojca & Aljaž
9:15 Introduction to Hacking MacPorts Base Clemens tutorial
Upgrading Dependency Engine - My GSoC experience with MacPorts Jackson talk
* merging old GSOC branches
* getting a new release out
(introduction for work needed in a later hacking sessions)
Support for 10.5-10.8 & binaries & sources
* naming scheme for libc++ packages (#50448)
* switching to xz for compression of binary packages
* archiving git/gh/svn (#16373) and fetching submodules (#50708)
Mojca discussion
* all of the topics mentioned above
* better handling of Ctrl+C (#44814, #48406, ...)
* bug hunting marathon
* trying not to spill coffee on the keyboard
Tuesday 15th Second day / Ports
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Automating the boring tasks Aljaž talk + discussion
Reproducible Builds Clemens talk + discussion
Packaging Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua, Qt, ... discussion
Retiring ports discussion
Support for colours in command-line Aljaž discussion + hacking
* MinGW-w64 (#40174)
* ticket closing marathon
* ...
... keep hacking ... hacking
Dinner (potentially in Bled)
Wednesday 16th Third day / Sum up
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Infrastructure
* website
* statistics (Clemens)
* Trac improvements
Simplify OS upgrades Mojca discussion + hacking
Hacking hacking
Incorporation/Forming a legal entity
(or perhaps on Sunday after dinner)
Rainer discussion
GPG key-signing party Rainer workshop
Getting a new release out?
Thursday 17th Departures / Free
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Ski jumping in Planica (optional, until 14:00) fun
Free hacking or free time (optional) hacking / fun

Extra-curriculum activities

The location offers an option for a nice family vacation. You can choose to arrive earlier or depart later and we can take care of the room reservation (please ask for details over the email).

Either before/after the meeting or during the breaks there are options for:

  • swimming (there is a swimming pool in a walking distance)
  • skiing in Kranjska gora
  • cross-country skiing (hopefully in the close vicinity if the weather will still permit)
  • visiting FIS Ski jumping World Cup in Planica (17th-20th March) or just visiting the place and walking up the stairs to the top
  • visiting FIS Ski Cup – Pokal Vitranc in Kranjska Gora (5th-6th March)
  • walking
  • a number of really nice sightseeing places that might require a car or a lift (Bled, Bohinj, ...)

Getting there

We will try to help you with the last mile arrangements and (even if we cannot promise that to everyone) we will try our best to try to pick up some of the participants with our personal cars when possible.

By plane

You can use to find the cheapest flight and for search of direct flights to Slovenia. The easiest way to reach the location would be a flight to one of the following airports:

  • Ljubljana Jože Pučnik/Brnik (LJU)
  • Trieste (TRS, Italy)
  • Venezia (multiple airports, Italy)
  • Klagenfurt (KLU, Austria)
  • Graz, Salzburg (Austria), ...

From the airport you can then either take a train/bus or a mini van GoOpti where you can get an inexpensive ride if you book at the right time (two or three months in advance or last minute with some luck).

By train / bus

There is a bus station just in front of the hotel. If you come by train, you can switch from the train to the bus in Ljubljana or Jesenice. If you fly to Ljubljana, there is a very short ride to get to that bus.

Here's a bus schedule (check for Jesenice ŽP - Gozd Martuljek Sp.Rute)

The best way to search for train connection is probably the German If you don't find any suitable connections to Ljubljana or Jesenice, try with Gorizia or Villach and contact us.

And of course you can always check for GoOpti's offers as well.

Car pooling

Check for car pooling options.

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