Switching to Libc++ on older systems by default

Wiki page for the setup: Libc++ on older systems

Tickets to be addressed:

  • #50448
    Change filenames of binary packages built against libc++ on < 10.9
    clang++-mp-4.0 -stdlib=macports-libstdc++ should be in C++11 mode by default
    Use separate portindexes for libc++ on older systems
    Update compiler selection for 10.6-10.8 with libc++

See also:

  • #49903
    libcxx: undo changes to system directories when deactivating
    Add xz to "base" to allow changing the default compression format to .tar.xz in the future

cxx_stdlib might need to be one additional criteria to respect when selecting an archive site here:

Then the archive site would no longer be used if anyone changes the default in macports.conf.

Call with Joshua

  • Make cxx_stdlib to be respected in selection of archive_sites (that would prevent users from downloading binaries rev-upgrade will mark as broken anyway)
  • Offer two separate sets of binary archives for the migration. That would provide a smoother transition, but could also be avoided to reduce effort spent.
    • Move existing binary archives to a subdirectory (or new binaries in a subdirectory)
    • List both archive_sites in the ports_tree for the older systems (base will select the one that matches configuration)
  • Josh to file a ticket to remind us to finish up what we need to improve bootstrapping for C++11 on older systems in time for 2.5.0 #56041
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