MacPorts PortMgr

(Ryan joined via video call)

There's a talk from 2016, see Meetings/MacPortsMeeting2016/Programme. Compared to two years ago, portmgr@ no longer deals with managing the infrastructure, since we now have the infrastructure team to do that and rely on GitHub.

Should there be a voting process to confirm portmgr@ and/or get new members elected?

  • Is this really necessary? Since there is very little conflict within MacPorts anyway, elections might be more trouble then it's worth.
  • Getting voting right is complicated.
  • Should it be merged with the infrastructure team? No, administrative tasks on the systems should be kept separate from portmgr.
  • A process to get new people onto portmgr is needed

portmgr@ response times #56052

  • portmgr@ is sometimes slow to respond to inquiries
  • Should there be a "portmgr@ timeout" (one or two weeks) for somebody to object and a default to accept a proposal if the timeout occurs?
    • This was a problem when discussing funding requests for travel to the meeting.

Legal organizations & fund handling

  • Handling money is an issue for us, since we cannot easily accept donations
  • There are options, such as founding an association (which may require a certain number of people in a certain jurisdiction) or joining an existing organization such as Software Freedom Conservancy


To clarify:

  • Can we leave the organization again?
  • Would they own any trademarks?
  • Would they own domain names?

Documentation for infrastructure #56054

  • Should have some internal documentation on buildbot and braeburn
  • Maybe a private GitHub repository (usually have to pay for that)
    • TODO: Ask GitHub support

Deploying updates to buildbot

  • www/guide/portindex/man
    • TODO: Let's deploy it during this meeting
  • Move mprsyncup on buildbot
    • TODO: Add this as a job to buildbot
  • Updating to buildbot 1.0
    • New waterfall does not fit our use case
    • Would allow us to use GitHub authentication


  • Long time ago Ryan wrote an example:
    • in an old version of Node.js and the code no longer works, but he will upload the code to GitHub
    • frontend was done with bootstrap
    • JavaScript-based search engine to replace php search
  • Ryan has some progress creating a website by converting PortIndex into GitHub pages for each port
  • Move as much as possible to GitHub pages
    • Statically hosted pages
  • Move guide to GitHub pages, get rid of DocBook XML syntax
  • Create a web page for each port
    • Serve JSON from braeburn and render it with JavaScript?

Base releases

  • Release more often
  • Define a roadmap for a new release
  • TODO: Go through list of open base issues and assign them to Trac milestones
  • Do not use MacPorts port to produce pkg/dmg, use a make pkg target in the build system instead #56055
    • Use this to create releases on buildbot #51996
  • selfupdate should use HTTPS #38265
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