MacPorts Meeting 2019

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A MacPorts meeting would be an excellent opportunity to meet fellow port developers face-to-face, to brainstorm ideas together, agree on priorities of future development, decrease the number of open tickets, put your heads together and finally code (or force someone to code) those hacks that you never had time to or knew how to implement.

This should also be an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like to learn more about the development of packages/port for the Mac. Or maybe you are a devoted user or a developer of some software package that doesn't have a package on Mac yet and you would like some help?

We need your input (and your presence at the meeting) to put together a wonderful program, packed with a mixture of interesting talks, round-table discussions, brainstorming sessions, hacking sessions late in the night next to a fireplace of a tile stove ... possibly while your kids have a snowball fight just outside of the house.

Registration form

Please register HERE.

Date and place

The third MacPorts Meeting will take place in Scout Center Bohinj, Slovenia (map) from 11th to 16th October.

  • Friday, 11th October: arrivals, equipment setup, dinner
  • Saturday, 12th October: short hiking trip to overcome jetlag, warm-up, finish setting up equipment, the programme starts in the early afternoon
  • Sunday – Tuesday, 13 - 15th October: intensive programme, discussions & hacking
  • Wednesday, 16th October: wrap-up, departures after lunch

Organizers / Contact

  • Mojca Miklavec (mojca)
  • Aljaž Srebrnič (g5pw)

If you want to contact us, just add to the username to form a valid e-mail address or write to mojca / g5pw on IRC (Freenode).

Confirmed participants

  • Mojca Miklavec (mojca, Slovenia)
  • Aljaž Srebrnič (g5pw, Italy)
  • Davide Gerhard (Italy)
  • Franco Vaccari (Italy)
  • Clemens Lang (cal, Germany)
  • Zero King (l2dy, China)
  • Umesh Singla (umeshksingla, India, GSOC 19 mentor)
  • Karan Seith (India, GSOC 19 student)
  • Mihir Luthra (India)
  • Satryaji Aulia (satraul?, Indonesia, GSOC 19 student)

Registration, fees & payments

150 EUR.

The fees should cover everything except for your travel costs, extra drinks (or other activities like renting a boat or bike ...). Food, accommodation, tea, coffee breaks, use of the room where the conference will take place, ... are all included.

If any local Mac addicts want to drop in for a few hours or a day, there is no special registration fee, only a small contribution for lunch/dinner/beer.



  • Day 1: Zero: Workflow tips & tricks
  • Day 1 & 2: Each GSoC student: project reports
  • Day 2: Clemens: infrastructure review


  • Day 1: Simplifying the contributor user experience
  • Day 1: What data to extract from mirror logs, Sat & Zero
  • Day 2: Automating port updates from livecheck to pull request & CI
  • Day 2: Improving CI infrastructure, Zero
  • Day 3: The future of Python in MacPorts, Aljaž
  • Day 4: Reviewing the GSoC Ideas Page, Mojca
  • Day 4: Joining the Software Freedom Conservancy, Mojca


  • Getting 'port migrate' merged, Umesh & Clemens
  • Trace mode speedup review, Mihir & Clemens
  • Sending negated variants to the statistics server, Umesh
  • receipt_flat code remove, Umesh
Infrastructure & Website
  • Mirror access log analysis, Sat & Zero
  • Virtualizing macOS for buildbots
  • Buildbot 2.x, Mojca
  • Drop the DocBook XML Guide and replace it with asciidoc, Aljaž & Clemens
  • Finalizing WebApp PRs, Mojca & Umesh
  • Setting up Mattermost, Aljaž
  • Designing new stickers, Clemens
  • Perl 5.30, Mojca
  • Portfiles for macOS SDKs, Mojca
  • Fixing Catalina bugs, Mihir
  • Add to macports-ports, Mojca
  • Add to macports-base, Sat


Extra-curriculum activities

The location offers an option for a nice family vacation. The house will be close before and after the event, but there are lots of nearby options (please ask for detais over the email).

Either before/after the meeting or during the breaks there are options for one of the many nice hiking or cycling paths, swimming in the lake (just for the brave), renting a boat, ...

Getting there

We will try to help you with the last mile arrangements and (even if we cannot promise that to everyone) we will try our best to try to pick up some of the participants with our personal cars when possible.

By air

You can use to find the cheapest flight. The easiest way to reach the location would be a flight to one of the following airports:

  • Ljubljana Jože Pučnik/Brnik (LJU)
  • Trieste (TRS, Italy)
  • Venezia (multiple airports, Italy)
  • Klagenfurt (KLU, Austria)
  • Graz, Salzburg (Austria), ...

From the airport, you can then either take a train/bus or a minivan GoOpti where you can get an inexpensive ride if you book at the right time (two or three months in advance or last minute with some luck).

By road

There is a bus station within walking distance to the hostel. If you come by train, you can switch from the train to the bus in Ljubljana, Kranj, Jesenice, Bled or Bohinjska Bistrica. If you fly to Ljubljana, there is a very short ride to get to that bus.

The best way to search for train connection is probably the German If you don't find any suitable connections to Ljubljana or Jesenice, try with Gorizia or Villach and contact us. There is a car train from direction of Gorizia to Bohinjska Bistrica with an awesome scenic view.

And of course, you can always check for GoOpti's offers as well.

Car pooling

Check for car pooling options.

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