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Portfiles are normally retrieved with port sync or port selfupdate. The URL used to get Portfiles is set in ${prefix}/etc/macports/sources.conf. The current list of mirrors is:

Location URL Admin Note
USA, CA rsync:// admin@…
Norway, Trondheim rsync:// somaen@… Temporarily offline
Sweden, Stockholm rsync:// david@…
Australia, Brisbane rsync:// mirror@… Status unclear
Roubaix, France rsync:// ionic@… IPv6 enabled


Distfiles are the archives containing the source code for port. They are usually retrieved from the project's site or one of their mirrors. The MacPorts project further mirrors the distfiles in one location. The following mirrors are queried automatically by MacPorts.

Location URL Admin Note
USA, CA admin@…
Norway, Trondheim somaen@… Temporarily offline
Sweden, Stockholm david@… Status unclear
Australia, Brisbane mirror@…
Roubaix, France ionic@… IPv6 enabled

MacPorts Source

MacPorts is updated during port selfupdate by checking the version on the rsync server. You can point your installation at a closer mirror listed below by changing the two options, rsync_server and rsync_dir, in ${prefix}/etc/macports/macports.conf.

Location rsync_server rsync_dir Admin Note
USA, CA release/base/ admin@…
Norway, Trondheim release/base/ somaen@… Temporarily offline
Sweden, Stockholm release/base/ david@… Status unclear
Roubaix, France release/base/ ionic@… IPv6 enabled