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macOS Sierra Problems

General Issues

First of all, please read Migration.

Updating MacPorts Base

MacPorts must be re-installed in a version configured for macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Ensure you have Xcode 8.0 or greater installed and selected (e.g. sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/, and that you have the command line tools installed (xcode-select --install). You also have to agree to the license by running sudo xcodebuild -license.

Tickets for Broken Ports

csound @5.16.6: KeyError: 10
cups-pdf mainly broken on El Capitan OS X 10.11
gnuplot @5.0.5@ on macOS 10.12.1 doesn't show a wxt terminal persistently
py27-pyqt4-4.12.1_0+phonon: fatal error: 'abstractaudiooutput.h' file not found
libgcc45, gcc47, gcc48: error: non-local symbol required in directive
stack @2.3.1_0: Undefined symbols: _utimensat
mpv @0.33.0: error: 'NSVisualEffectView' is only available on OS X 10.10 or newer
stack @2.5.1: ConnectionTimeout
clang-9.0 @9.0.1_4+analyzer+libstdcxx+universal Failed to build on macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (16G2136) with Xcode 9.2 (9C40b)

aquaterm fails to build on 10.12 sierra
py27-numpy fresh installation on Sierra fails test
Gedit error in mac sierra
python27: Python Frameworks not codesigned in MacOS Sierra
arm-elf-gcc3 @3.4.6_2: fails on Sierra - - undefined symbols
arm-elf-gcc build failed on Sierra 10.12.2
arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc @2005q3-2: fails on Sierra - Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64
mplayer binary seems broken on macbook 5,1 running Sierra
problem installing py36-ipython on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5
fluxbox @1.3.7_1 does not compile on macOS High Sierra, Version 10.13.4, because it clock_gettime() and uses a pointer instead an int
SIerra: issue with assembler "as" in conjunction with gfortran
sshfs 2.x unable to create mount points (Sierra/High Sierra and later)
freetds @1.00.9 +mssql +odbc : fails to install on High Sierra and Catalina (possibly others)
pstoedit @3.75 does not build (documentation) on High Sierra because latex2man.sty is missing
emacs-app-devel @20210430_1+nativecomp+rsvg does not work on mac OS High Sierra, 10.13.6