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some additional ideas for statistics


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    4242=== Port the server's dependencies to MacPorts ===
    4343It would be nice if MacPorts would allow installing dependencies to allow running the app locally without much hassle. The app needs rails 3.2.
     45=== Simple port hierarchy / group (sub)ports ===
     46Ports like `py-name`, `py27-name`, `py33-name`, ... should be grouped in some way.
     48=== Direct and meaningful links to ports ===
     49Port statistics is currently accessed via `http://<server>/categories/<n>/ports/<n>`. It should be `http://<server>/port/<name>` or `http://<server>/show/port/<name>` for example (or something equivalent excluding category and not displaying any numbers).
     51=== Direct links to maintainer's ports ===
     52One can search for maintainer's ports, but only via `http://<server>/ports/search/maintainers/<name>` to some extent. The search is more problematic for non-committers with `:` in the name and the search is not unique (searching for `cal` returns `mcalhoun`'s ports etc.). It would make sense to search through `nomaintainer` and `openmaintainer` ports.
     54Maybe something like `http://<server>/show/maintainer/<handle>` and `http://<server>/show/maintainer/` for direct access or simply `http://<server>/show/maintainer/id/<number>` would allow clicking the maintainer in the same way as one can follow a link for categories, variants, ...
     56=== Sort ports alphabetically ===
     57Complete list of ports shows
     59← Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … 366 367 Next →
     61It would be helpful to have alphabetic index available.
     63=== Show OS X version statistics for every port ===
     65As a port maintainer, one key thing I'd like to know is the breakdown of OS versions that my users are running. (Xcode version and architecture might also be relevant.)
     67=== Bar graphs instead of pies ===
     69> I'm not a big fan of pie (or donut) graphs. It is much easy to compare magnitudes of a bar as opposed to sections of a donut.
     71This probably needs a bit of experimenting.