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Added week#1 info.


Week # 0

A few days until the actual coding period began, and I was still getting to know the developers. The MacPorts codebase is fairly large, and it will take a while until I will figure out all the ins and outs. I have created my development branch and made my first commits.

Rainer, together with Clemens and Jeremy, met me on the IRC channel and we all set the course for the first week of the coding period. We all decided that I should begin by improving the existing regression tests, converting them to use the TCLTest framework, while keeping them as modular as possible, making it easy to add new test cases. I have received my assignment and it's up to work from now on.

Week # 1

After the first week, it seems that I am on the right track. Rainer is pleased with the testing framework that we have chosen to use and he feels that this project is heading to the right way.

The checksum test consists of three sub-tests, one for each checksum (md5, sha1, rmd160). The calculated values are gathered from the output of the 'port test' command, using the debugging mode ('-d') and compared to the expected ones, using the tcltest framework. I have tried to make the code as modular as possible, but Rainer has suggested some further improvements, that I will implement the following week.

With the help of Clemens and Jeremy, I have been described the functionality of the remaining regression tests and this has helped me enhance my understanding of how MacPorts works. In the next week, I will focus on the dependencies tests and will try to pick up the pace and commit more often so they can be up to date with my evolution.