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This wiki gives detailed information of the project "Dependency calculation using SAT solving" as part of GSoC 2015. wiki:SummerOfCode2015#dependencies

Student Mentor
Jackson Isaac Clemens Lang

Installing gsoc15-dependency branch
Create a folder under ~/Development/libsolv so that we can clone and install the branch inside this prefix and not interfere with the stable MacPorts installation.

mkdir -p ~/Development/libsolv
cd ~/Development/libsolv
svn co
cd gsoc15-dependency/base
env PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin CFLAGS="-pipe -Os" ./configure --enable-readline --prefix ~/Development/libsolv/mp_gsoc && make
sudo make install

Creating alias for gsoc15-dependency port

echo "alias portlibsolv=\"$HOME/Development/libsolv/mp_gsoc/bin/port\"" >> ~/.bash_profile
echo "alias sudo=\"sudo \"" >> ~/.bash_profile

I have written a small shell script to do the above tasks at

Testing libsolv engine
Use -l option to use libsolv engine for search and install commands.

portlibsolv search -l <portname>
portlibsolv install -l <portname>
portlibsolv install -l <portname> <conflictingportname>

Note: portlibsolv is our alias for gsoc15-dependecy branch's port command.