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    3434Classification: very challenging task[[BR]]
    3535Programming languages: Tcl and C[[BR]]
    36 Potential mentors:
     36Potential mentors: jberry, pguyot, mww
    3838==== Task 2: Python Group ====
    4949==== Task 3: Virtual "chroot" ====
     51(completed in 2007?)
    5153MacPorts uses dynamic library injection code to control and monitor file system accesses of ports when they are compiled. This technique is used for the trace mode which is used to automatically figure out dependencies between ports. The proposed task consists in upgrading this mechanism to transform the trace mode (which ''reports'') into a virtual chroot environment which will contraint ports to be compiled in a controlled environment. For example, if a port does not mention a dependency on the jpeg port, the configure script, the compiler and the linker will not see jpeg port binaries, includes and libraries. This task could extend up to defining virtual ports based on software installed with traditional MacOS X packages (for which list of files are saved in /Library/Receipts/). Part of the challenge includes the design of an efficient communication channel between the dynamic library and the Tcl code and a complete study of possible holes in this virtual chroot environment.
    117119Potential mentor: wms
     121==== Task 12: MacPorts Web Application ====
     123A very good start has been made on a Web Application for MacPorts to serve as a basis for easier user submission and maintenance of ports, not to mention monitoring of port build status, browsing of ports, etc. This work is known as MPWA and is written in Ruby on Rails. This task is to complete the work on MPWA so that it is usable for day to day usage by the MacPorts community. Work is needed on user credentials and authentication, port dependency  integration, port submission and tracking, etc. This is a very exciting project and can help MacPorts scale to support a larger community.
     125Read more about the [ MPWA design and model].
     127Classification: moderate, with good follow through vision, and architecture required[[BR]]
     128Programming languages: Ruby, perhaps a bit of Tcl[[BR]]
     129Potential mentor: jberry
    119131=== Additional tasks ===