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Google Summer of Code - Past Years


Project Student Mentor Status
Logging Dmitry Gorbik Bryan Blackburn Completed
GUI Juan Germán Castañeda Echevarría George Armah Completed

The following committers have agreed to be mentors for SoC 2009 (append for e-mail)

Name Area Email
George Armah GUI, Framework armahg
James Berry MPWA jberry
Bryan Blackburn Logging, self-management, general blb
Jeremy Lavergne Helping hand snc
Perry Lee? Co-mentoring perry
Rainer Mueller Administrator, config files, rev-upgrade, depcheck raimue


Project Student Mentor Status
Logging and MPWA Dale Emmons Juan Manuel Palacios Cancelled
MacPorts Framework: A Cocoa Framework for the MacPorts Tcl based API George Armah Randall Wood Completed
MacPorts Web Application Rick Martinez James Berry Cancelled
Root privileges Paul Magrath Rainer Müller Completed

See also informations at the Google Summer Of Code 2008 page about MacPorts.

The following committers had agreed to be mentors for SoC 2008 (append for e-mail)

Name Area Email
William Siegrist infrastructure wms
Ernest Prabhakar gui drernie
James Berry mpwa, dependencies jberry
Juan Manuel Palacios logging, binaries, MacPorts port, shell environment, documentation and website jmpp
Rainer Mueller python groups, root privilege droppingraimue
Randall Wood MP Port, shell scriptingrhwood


The MacPorts projects that were undertaken can be found on the Google Summer Of Code 2007 page about MacPorts.

Eugene Pimenov (epimenov@) documented his work on trace mode in the wiki, see soc2007/epimenov.