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New Ticket

Please read the Ticket Guidelines before opening a new ticket.

Searching for existing tickets

Find tickets filed against a specific port:

See also:


Here are some quick links to search for tickets by component and type.


Guide, Website, Wiki, Hosting


(see DraftKeywordGuidelines for a list of all accepted keywords)

Tickets that have patches attached, which could perhaps be reviewed and committed.

Tickets that have patches attached, which were submitted by the maintainer and just need to be committed.

Unofficial Keywords

Tickets with keyword lack-of-interest set and older than 3 days can probably be closed as nobody seems to be interested anymore.

Intended to use for tickets against base which will add new features.

Mac OS X Releases

Issues often appear on new major release of Mac OS X. See SnowLeopardProblems and LionProblems.